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Word: Swell

She wished the moment would last forever. The quiet squawk of birds in the distance. The crash of the waves against the rocks around her. The hot sand. The cool water. It was a little paradise rolled into a perfect picture. But that was all it was. A picture.

With a sigh, she slipped the headset from her eyes and let them dangle on her chest by the straps.

"That high-tech gadget is pretty swell."

Her brother would say is he was around. Always stuck in the wrong century. She used to mock him. But now she just missed him. Yes, the peacefulness was great, but at some point, humans need another companion.

"Come on Mari. You have to have some friends once and awhile."

Her brother never used her full name. Neither did anyone else she really knew. Aquamarine was just a mouthful to say. And it wasn't Mari, like Mother Mary. It had to be Mari, stretching it out like in Calamari. Bullies had teased her about that, calling her Calamari.

It was times like those when she remembered what she was doing for them. They may have bullied her when she was little, but what she was doing would eventually help them all.

It didn't come at a cheap price, however. Mari had lost everything she had ever known. Her family, her brother, the few friends she had, and him.

He was the person she missed the most. They had taken away her memories of him. Now there was no name, just a blurry face. She told herself, the day she got out of here, she would be able to recognize his face. But the more days that passed, the more and more she doubted her ability to do so.

She longed for company, but no matter how many times she asked them for somebody, anybody, she was ignored, no response.

There was only one time a day where she was around other human beings. Or, so she guessed. Every day around ten o'clock in the morning, a sickly colored gas would creep into the white, padded room. She would regain consciousness a little over two hours later, back in the same room.

Sometimes, she remembered voices, straps, needles, unpleasant things. She imagined they were doctors since she came back every time with a band-aid on the back of her hand where an IV would go and needle injections in her arm. She liked to think they were doctors, but she couldn't imagine anything wrong with her. She felt fine. Then Mari guessed they weren't the normal doctors.

Each day when she came back, something was different. She had a different ability, each day. It would last almost all day, but near the end of the day, it would wear off, until come the next day where she got a new one.

Some days she could fly, higher and higher to touch the ceiling without even trying. Other days she could bend steel with her bare hands, or create bursts of wind that could tear anything but the room apart.

Today was no different, but the ability was. This time it was fire. Opening and shutting her hand, a small spark and a flame appeared in her palm. It clearly came from her skin, but it didn't hurt or burn. It fascinated her for a little while, this one was her favorite so far.

The destructive ability, the deceitful look. Inviting you to come closer, only to back away once you touch.

Even after a while, so go tired of it. So Mari grabbed the headset, laid back against her cot, and turned the little machine back on. The sound and sight of the ocean overwhelmed her, and she sunk back into nothingness.

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