Winter Child: Hey guys. It's me again. Welcome to 'Dimensioners: Upbringing of Squad Wolf'. Okay so anyway, if you don't want to call me 'Winter' or 'Winter Child', you can call me 'Luna' because it is close to my last name.
Anyway, enjoy!

"Onii-san, I've back," the little albino child said as she entered her home. The albino's name was Yuki Tenki, she had long silky white hair and had beautiful red eyes. She was about 14 years old; she wore a urchin hat, a baggy grey shirt, and holey pants. She lived in a cave.

"Yuki, you should be more careful! You know the humans don't like our kind!" her brother scolded her. His name was Yurei Tenki, he was Yuki's older twin brother; the only difference between the two is that Yurei has blue eyes.

Yuki and Yurei were different to other people because they were a different race. Yuki was a demon and Yurei was a ghost; Yuki was different to other demons because she never had a blood thirst or what to ruin someone's day, this made her an outcast. They went in hiding because of this reason and try to avoid everyone.

"I know, but I what to see what is out there!" Yuki said as she took her hat off to reveal two white wolf ears. Did I mention she is also a type of dimensioner called a Dimensional?

Winter Child: Cliffy! Well till next time. Bye!