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Yuki and Yurei were in the cave sleeping (lightly) when they heard people enter the cave.

'Time to hid till they go away, they may only be in here for shelter.' Yurei said telepathy.

With that Yuki shadow stepped into the shadows, only to live a snowflake on the ground. After Yuki shadow stepped, three girls entered; one looked to be seven, two that looked identical at the age of 5.

"Jackie! You said that they would be here, don't tell me you went out of the hideout for no reason!" yelled one of the 5 year-olds. She wore blue Japanese kimono with a violet ribbon, violet stockings and light brown boots. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes that went well with the clothing choice.

"But sis, look there's a snowflake on the ground, and it's in the middle of summer!" Yelled the other 5 year old. She had everything as the first one, but instead of a kimono, she had a blue hoodie and violet pants. Them being sisters confirmed that they were indeed twins.

"See, I told you that she is here! Who else would be able to create snow! Yuki Tenki and Yurei Tenki are not fake! There real!" Yelled the last girl. She wore a violet turtleneck long sleeve shirt, grey pants and silver boots. She also had dark brown hair and blue eyes, but her hair goes down to about her elbows.

"And here I thought only my father knew about me and my brother." Yuki stated as she walked out of the shadows. Her red eyes were the only things that the three children could see.

"Who's your father?"

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