(POV: Alex Spetucci/Velocity)

(Location: ?)

I woke up in a black room, with only an armored hoodie and jeans covering me, along with various tech I had acquired.

I looked around, checking my surroundings. I could see I was chained to a table with a metal bar. The only source of light in the area was a lamp resting on the table.

The only thing left in the room was soundproof walls, two chairs made of various material, and something that looked like a mirror; putting my finger against it revealed it was one-way glass.

Well, shit, I'm being interrogated.

"Nephri, where am I?" I asked the AI assistant in the tech classes I was given. I only got static as a reply.

"Sorry, kid, but nothing's gonna work."

I turned to face a white man with a suit coming into the room, carrying a laptop.

"It's a specially built EMP. Not even the best in tech works." The man added.

"Then why do you have a laptop?" I argued.

"Ever heard of Windows XP? We have an experimental version immune to EMPs."

I scoffed. "I call bullshit on that, but whatever."

"Anyway, reading your file, you and I got a lot in common."

The man chuckled, opening his "Windows XP" laptop and pulling up a Word document. "Here's the deal," he continued. "I'll let you know my name if you tell me your story."

"What story? My online pretend law firm, my gaming career, what?" I rebutted.

"When you did what you got arrested for: stealing the Crystal of Chaos."

"Oh, that? Easy. We were lured into a trap." I said, an obvious lie.

"I ain't letting you off that easy. The full story."

I sighed, groaning. "Fine. Tell me your name first."

"Sure, kid," he started. The name's Detective Dick Gumshoe—"

"Nice try, but I played Phoenix Wright." I interrupted. "You look nothing like him."

"Fine, fine. It's really Jack Harderen. Work for IGN Spacetime Manageme—"

"IGN doesn't have a spacetime management branch, I'm pretty sure."

"Different IGN, and could you stop interrupting me?"

"Fine." I huffed.

"Anyway, please, begin your story. I'm very much interested in what's behind your actions."

"It's about as long as infinity times aleph null divided by Avogadro's number. Sure you wanna hear it?"

"We work every unit of time you can think of. Go ahead, start."

"Well..." I sighed.

"It all started in high school."