A/N: Written by Victoria. English is not my native tongue but my creativity and empathy is high and I looked for subjects while writing poetries.

Love Worth to be Love

You made me feel special

To be worth again

You made me feel like I matter

And not the lonely soul I once was

You cherished me

You treasure me

Thank you for giving me the experience to feel love again that no one does

Thank you for never leaving me as a sideline

Though I ruin the love with a simple lie

In order to protect the relationship

I lied to protect

I was proven wrong

I dream for the person I love to be happy

So long the person I love is happy is good enough for me

I accept the fallout of the relationship

Where I stood

Because through the haze of bitterness

That friction allows me to move on

When I can move on I learn to detached myself away from you

I allow the truth to sink in for a minute to a day to a month to a year

I learned not to depend on anyone other than myself

I learned to walk away from a lot of flames

A flame that once sparkled

Now died within me

All the feelings that were ever burn I use a spoon to slowly scoop out every pieces of memories that linger upon my heart

As I do so I weep for you

Because of the love that overtook my heart

Because I allow anyone to be ever close to me for I am to be blame

I learn to let go of the memories that was build like a fountain of fairy tale

I learn to let go of everyone to those who say I will be there for you

But all ended up leaving

I become more bitter

When I was promised those

But you were my true friend even after a snap

I was still kept as a treasure

For which I was grateful for

Love changed me

It changed my persona

It changed my status

It changed from who I was

I used to miss the old times

Now I feel nothing

I become mutual

To be treated as an acquintance

Thank you for ever giving me the experience to become a better me.

I become a better and stronger person

When I was beautifully broken and learn to accept the roads that was once build and able to be fixed

Best friends come and go

They're a sea of stars that gives me the fuel and reason to be close

My happiness to make me smile

To be love

As I matter to them

Friendship are earn by being the real you

It isn't always about love

But friendship can love you too

And the truth can sting you like a needle

No matter how burn as it is

How black it is

Stand up to walk high

For you are worth to be love once more

Go slow

Memories don't wipe overnight

Love yourself before able to love others.

Thank you for allowing me to be a better and stronger me for I know I am worth more than just a showering lantern that acts as the brightest star.