A/N: Inspired to be written for the facourite couple through a favourite show. Love poetry inspired.

Three Hearts Equals a Frozen Lake

Written by Victoria Alexis

One heart reveals your true mask

Reveals to the enemy, to your friends and the one you call family.

Second heart reveals your vulnerability and the masks you wear every day.

Third heart is a choice that is in your hands.

The choice is on a slippery slope. The answers leads to more questions than answers and when you can't choose, you crack under the lake filled with ice.

What does your own Thorns of Frozen Lake say about your tale of hearts?

For today, I had missed my beloved dearly. Although I know he is well deep in my heart, I pray he finds a soothing serenity sings in his heart. I am sitting on my own Frozen Lake where the feelings are all spiralled

Though, I scoop out the memories off the lake and the memories that are filled with happiness. That, is what I used to keep myself going. I had been on a slippery slope before and though I was burn once, but, three times, I am still standing. I am still breathing.

He never once annoy me. His heart melts away the lake for he is my serenity. He is the fire. I am filled with joy when I see him. A love that is not able to be bought but earned.

That, is the Frozen Lake filled with a pool of love.