Title: A Blacken Heart


This was written last year in 2017.

Written by Victoria

When a heart is shattered

A heart becomes lost

When a heart is stolen

A heart leads to a road to recovery

A road of friendship is what a broken heart needs

When a heart is shattered

A person needs to heal

A persons heart is not to be toyed

Heart is filled full of emotons

A road that leads to many friction

When a heart is broken stolen

Once reunited

The chemistry between them are never the same

It is filled with poison

It is filled with needles and knives carving through the skin and through your nails that makes your hair stand up.

When a heart is shattered

It is clouded with judgement

When two lovebirds does not understand each others language it is hard to put things to perspective

Two lovebirds needs time to heal

If they cannot give that to their heart desire then it prooves he or she does not love them fully

When two hearts corrodes with jealousy and anger it only bring in more pain than its worth the silly game of charade.

Don't treat your wife your husband a masochist

Treat your wife and husband a treasure

Because when you loose them nothing will ever be the same and because when you loose each others heart their heart will become like a freezer from the fridge

You need to admit the wrongs to move forward

You need to let go of the memories that's eating the heart because when you don't you will end up being destroyed. You will end up having worst than a heartache that drowns with a river of tears.

A river of memories that is colourful and bitterness

A river of memories that shatters not just the heart but friendship and relationship

If you really want to enter a relationship be sure it is what you want

Treat yourself right

If they treat you rotten

Why waste your time to invest on them with love and quality? Its never about money. It is the dignity and love and question yourself

Which love do you really want?

A fake or the real deal

A heart is like a mask that hides many faces

Be careful with what you choose