Written by: Victoria

This was inspired to be written for my friends who are the true people. I was also reminded for Kingdom Hearts and decided to turn it as a poetry.

Written in 2017.

Beneath the Stars

Think of our hearts as a lantern of lights

The lantern of lights that blinks like a star

The star that acts as a light

Swims like a water

Swims like a fire

Swims like a flower of roses

When the darkness tries to overtake the goodness of our heart

We make the lantern of lights as our way back home

The hearts of all friendship is enough to cut through the deepest darkness

Even love because that's all we need.

We cut those that burns our hearts

Because our anger, temper and hatred is not worth the time to waste upon

Let a door rise above

Build it as a wall

Build it as a wall of light

We linger onto the beautiful memories

Memories of friendship

True friendship means:

Through pain and hell back again.

One who will defend you without asking to be hidden

True friendship means:

Not asking for anything in return but to stand by them through rain and fire of tears.

True friendship means:

Giving them the fire of love they needed

So whenever they slipped to the darkness

The friend that is a star

A lantern of lights

They are the way home

Beneath the sky

Three friends sat on the beach

Gazing upon the meteor shower

No words need to be exchange

Just company is needed.

An unbreakable bond between the three

For their hearts sits as the lanterns and the stars

It is their way home to each other.

Forever and always.