For the mental state of mind struggling through depression and anxiety I express the meaning of true happiness. It doesn't have to be about love.

Best friends is also your happiness.

Happiness- Friends In My Heart

Written by: Victoria

Best friends is my treasure

So is the people who is dear to me are my treasure

They are not as my memories

They are human being with a heart of gold

Friends that can become blood relative to make their days easier. Love isn't always your happiness.

Best friends can make you smile upwards.

A buddy who is by your side

Sees the tears flood on your cheek

Sees that behind the smile of 'Are you okay?'

'Yes I am'. But the buddy knows that you are hurting. Pain and memories is what scar when a past haunt a heart. But sometimes being a friend is what is needed. Sometimes some behaviour out of emotions confuses others.

All the time through the struggles

You hide behind your smile

For others to be happy. You become their anchor to hold them in your heart. Deep down you are struggling to even be happy yourself

Pray in your sleep

You sing out to the angels to plea to take you around the world

Sing to the angels you ask for their holy water and their grace to guide you to heal

Sing to the angels all you ever want for the whole wide world to be happy than to be in the deepest of the darkness cave your very heart

Cage like an animal

To be poke within every single corner

Even by the people you love

You feel like you're drowning even if it means not being angry but empty out of the emotions that tunnels out.

You try to understand life. But only does it confuses you more the more you try to understand the person.

You try to solve to help the person to be happy.

Then you feel useless when you can't fix a broken heart. You just wished to be happy. To be away from the cruel world.

But a buddy who comes along to understand without judging ever so heavily upon you you embrace them in your arms

There you break like a drowning river bask in your pain. For a friend who sees your pain only anchors you in return because they know you try when you sound out a voice sore within your tongue, your vocal and your voice torn in several pieces of pages.

All you wished is to be happy to have a purpose to be better of being a better you.

Sometimes your own heart denies the truth that clouds your judgement. You weep to your friend to your angels and the sky why you feel the way you do. Why all things went sideways then you say to yourself. I am the problem.

Pack a bag to go on vacation to leave the world.

But when a friend who loves you wants to go with you but understood you're searching your own happiness.

In truth never will you find happiness.

Sleepness nights.

Fear that creeping your very light tears you from the inside out unknowing how to respond the way to do.

If ever to find peace you learn to walk away to those who scarred you

The ones who burn you

Forgive to let go

Be happy for who you are because only you know you are beautifully inside out even if it means not being perfectly broken into pieces.

You're more beautiful when you are broken

Because your heart inside your soul mature to have a depth of wisdom given by the angels in heaven.

Reach to their grace because only God can give you peace and serenity

Happiness is the way you want to shape the future.

Sing out as your heart tells you.

Don't turn your friends as your competitors especially those who are most loyal to you.

Because when do they end up leaving you because they try so long to understand they end up emotionally tired.

They walk to find their own terms of happiness

And in conclusion of the young woman she closes the book to end the road.

She doesn't want to harm but wants to sing out the action. If truly harm will leave the person rotting in a chilling state.

Keep those who makes you happy.

Keep those who loves you

Don't allow jealousy and greed to dominate

Because you're worth more to deserve being happy.