This is the true world. Where competitors fight like a dancing demon and through the state of mind proves humanity.

Jealousy- The Dancing Demon

Written by Victoria

He is the shadow that strings the darkness to bask around you.

The tormentor that knows no rest

For he is the temptation to draw you away from the deeds of goodness and the real tester of your beliefs. Oh he is a jester and a trickster. He can turn your graceful heart that was once shimmering with gold to a sour of needles prickling through your very skin. Upon his face, he knows no rest.

The jester does not have a name.

The demon does not have a heart

He's the tester that toys to ripped your heart from the inside out.

Oh you have your own principles and he plan to send a sting of bees to scrape off to turn you to his darkness, his creature and to draw away to his own terms. His own terms is opposite of your own principle that sits in his heart.

Sing his terms for he is disloyal, the heartless, the coldness and the brutness of truth.

Sing your terms for your principles that shines upon the world to allow people to avoid his path of darkness.

Honour, integrity, loyalty, professionalism, generosity.

Oh he knows it all. He sees it all your very heart. Cold as a thunder, as a needle of thorns that can prickle your skin to a chill of rawness to fill your heart he changed you to a three hundred and sixty degrees instantly like a bullet of black ink painted across an empty page.

The jester of dancing demon giggles to himself when all secrets are vastly known to him.

And so he turn as a weapon that can truly damage that pure heart full of light. Full of good and deeds. He cackles with a chilling laughter that can frost the entire world. Temptation just as any human being he whisper words in your ear: beneficial of loyalty to cast a dear friend. What good are they to you? He whisper to corrode that strong light that acts as a bridge to prevent it being broken.

Friends come and go like a sea of ocean.

They see themselves as a world to escape reality.

But once being used to be done are cast aside. But the one who does understand the very heart knows no rest and the one who understand loyalty.

But…. No matter how difficulty they are to others no matter how much sins they had committed in the past all is dependable how you see them fit.

Friends are easily to be made to be toss once their purpose is serve but those who are sink so loyal in so long to decide to betray.

But those who decides to save those who are suffering to be happy to take their place to be burn the same as them are the true friend who understood their unhappiness.

Regret to atone the mistake is the light within the heart. Oh the heart sings with sadness and disappointment. Greet to greet death to release the regret. To feel to be free to be set as a dove. A dove that represent peace. The keeper of heart knows no rest but with the emotion of regret is once more brought to light.

The heart that was once basked by the jester is once more lifted and when the jester loose is shove inside the cupboard to be locked never to be opened to release the dancing demon.

Pain strikes like a bolt of lightning earns the light.

Faith was what allows human to climb their own darkness to feel serenity and peace.

Say sorry as you mean so and sorry to cure the aching heart.

Forgive to forget

Some may move along the sea to those who can flow to the sunset to see happiness

To those who can't forgive to forget

They will be robbed to be burnt by the jester

The jester who is the dancing demon

May the dancing demon that sits in the heart to always be trap beneath the cupboard never to be released once again.

Lock forevermore

The soul knows no rest

For he is the jester of all kings

And not to be called the dancing demon for nothing.