Sometimes online personal vendetta can really change a person three hundred and sixty degrees. Don't let drama poison your heart only you can understand what is worth to be true to yourself.

It was written last year in 2017 when it got so bad that everyone was going against each other. Funny how I esxaee over time with poetry again

The Mask that Defines Us

Written by Victoria

In the war, we use chess pieces to maneuver into a deep tunnel.

In the war, clever manipulation that gives you a fake appraisal. They say they like you but beneath the mask, they actually hate you in the inside and overcome with jealousy and fear because you are a better person

In the war, they throw out the ones loyal to you and manevour the game clockwise.

In the war, everyone is blinded by love which clouded your judgement.

In the war, everyone fears being trampled over you and jealousy will always corrode your heart no matter how good you want to be as a person.

In the end, it only prooves you are human with all these emotions rotated like a clock around you. In the end, people do more harm than good while they draw breathe and sink so deep in the tunnel until there is nothing left to see.U