I wrote this as a mix of poetry and lyrics. This song and poetry is a dedication to my closest relative, Michael Spencer. The darkness within our hearts we struggle is the reason that put me to writing again. I write as I go. I don't dare to post on Facebook so here it is and instead of venting, I decided to write so again.

I Cry

Written for Michael Spencer

What a day, what a month

What a year. All the same

All the crying. All the tears.

All the pain. All the sorrow.

All the shades. All the darkness.


Are the days of my dark place.


Are the days of my calling.

There are days

When I wish

There are days

When I hope

There are days when I sing out my voice to the sky

Cause all

I hope my cries are ever hope to be heard

Cause all

I hope He listens to my struggle

So I struggle

So I cry

So I fall

So I weep

Until my voice is hoarse

Until my mind is blown

Until my heart is tired

To the point I don't want to live

To the point I don't want to breathe

I didn't wish for this

I am alone on this

I don't wanna be a burden on this

No I don't. No I won't.

I don't want you to see my tears

I don't want you to see me like this

So I cried

So I struggle

I fallen into a deep hole

A hole so much

A hole so deep

Harder to pull

Harder to climb

These are my daily struggles in my life

I have a voice

A voice that whispers lies

Lies that floating around my ear

Words that whispers

Words that knife me

Words that caged me

Words that spill me by blood


This is why I wish for death

Oh but then I can't

I can't. Because is a selfish side of me.

What about the others?

What about your family?

What about the ones who dear most now?

Your heart may be screaming

Because is so much in pain

Because it tightens to a squeeze

Let me drown you in my sleep to be in peace

So… I don't have to think anymore

So…. I am tired of it all

So… I don't want to think on it.

You think…

You won't be miss

You think

They won't care.

But you will be proven wrong

Cause... people will always care for you

Cause…people will always keep your heart in your chest. Cause…that's how much you mean to others

So please…

Don't leave me

So please….

Don't leave them

Because is a sin to die

Sin to live

Sin to the point you don't know which way you wanna live anymore

I cry - because it hurts.

I cry - because I got no hands to reach for me

I cry - because I just want a hug to tell me is okay.

I cry- because I had been struggling for an eternity.

I cry - because I love you to know you are strong.

I cry - because I love you until the end.