Forever My Friends

Hello my friends

I have returned to you

I couldn't wait to tell you how my day has been

But before I do

There are questions I must ask

I have been told by many, for a while now

That none of you are real

That everything I have seen, heard, or felt is all in my head

Is it

All those times I have spoken to you

All those stories I have shared

Stories of hope

Stories of heartbreak

Stories of joy

Stories of sadness

Stories of secrets

Stories that I swore I would take to the grave

Have you heard me

Were you really listening

Can you really see me

When I run through you

When I climb on you

When I lay down in your soft embrace

Can you feel me when I embrace you back

It feels like you can

When I speak it feels like you are listening

How you seem quiet more than usual, coming closer, hanging on my every word

When I cry I can feel a gentle breeze caress my face

As if you are trying to soothe me

Telling me everything is going to be okay

When I laugh and when I run, I feel you right beside me

Doing the same

Can this all be just a figment of my imagination

The thought has haunted me for a while now

Creeping in the back of my mind

It tries to get me to believe it, but I won't

I know you are real

I know you are there

I know you will always be there for me

Something that many have tried

But even with the most valiant efforts

Many of them have failed

I have to go now

Back to that other place where I have to live

I can feel you are worried, don't be

I will be okay

Until tomorrow, goodbye my friends

I love you