She's tired and she can't concentrate, her thoughts are going off the chart. But still she looks at the angel that caused all her problems and even solved some in the process. Angelic is the angels name, who's telling her to leave this hellbound place. But her wings are broken she can't fly she never will again at least that's what they told her.

So one day she tried to fly again but today somehow she thought she could fly off the cliff with dangerous rocky edges down below and so she jumped off pulled out her wings and fell. It wasn't very successful, she fell down down and down when she started to she what happened in her short life time

She screamed…"ANGELIC!" She was nowhere to be found she trusted Angelic she thought she could fly but no. So she closed her eyes.

All of a sudden I snapped awake "Are you okay?" I looked at the guy that saved my life "Who are you…" I weakly asked. He grinned making my heart beat faster. "My name is...Alex."

"Now why did you try to do that he looked at the cliff above you knew you couldn't do it...Your wings aren't strong enough." And then he said my name

"How do you know my name?" I murmured. "It's kinda hard to pretend to not know you when I've known you your whole life." Alex grinned again waving his hands gesturing around him. "BUT!" While ignoring the fact that I was talking he said "Remember that time when you found it peaceful to just sit and draw." I smiled "Yeah that was when I knew I wasn't alone because of every imaginary friend I drew was with me." "And I'm one of them." And he said my name.

"No that's impossible imaginary means fake your fake your no no no what is my mom going to say when she…" "Your mom is not allowed to see me only you and the ones you choose." Alex answered.

I woke up scared I heard the deep voice telling me telling me to. "ALEX!" I started to wonder where I was I started to feel panicked. I heard the flaps of heavy...Wings. I looked out of the tent. His wings he has wings I never drew a imaginary friend with wings. He walked towards me not wanting to scare me and put his finger underneath my chin gently and somehow it made my whole spine relax.

"Are you okay?" He said. As I was still amazed with his white wings (black tips and gray spots) "Oh no I know what it was it was...Zak." Zak is his younger brother I remember now I made him up side to side beside Alex he was the evil brother the one that always did things wrong he got him in trouble he was more of a demon child to me. Oh and Alex is the, Angel he's my Angel, my Guardian Angel.

"You figured it out." He frowned trying to figure out the emotion on my face. "Alex." I remembered all the good times all the daydreams about meeting someone who understood me. "You changed your Earth name." I frowned. "Yeah but It's always going to be me Alex just because my name is Summer now it doesn't mean I'm any different from who I was before." But then came a loud bang.

"HOLY FUDGE!" we both jumped as we heard a sharp voice say "Alex I thought we were going to play nice today." It's Zak I should've known, he opened the tent flap. "Oh and it's Summer Felton our creator how sweet." Alex stared at him with no emotion and Zak caught his eye and gave him a strange grin.

"Zak get out your not supposed to be here!" Alex yelled. "Yes brother but I am here and I will stay here until I get what I want." He looked at me and pulled out a knife. "NO!" Alex screamed and he flew towards Zak and pushed him out of the tent. "Alex." I murmured. He heard me and looked at me and said "I won't die." "Neither will I."

"NO ZAK NO NO NOOOOOO!" I screamed as I watched Alex covered with blood his wings his hair his hoodie. I couldn't take it anymore I dashed out of the tent and pushed Zak off. "Angelic I call upon you, TODAY save me, TODAY Angelic, TODAY please today ANGELIC!" I cried out the prayer with no reactions, Zak was waiting ready to dash with his knife Alex's heart beating faster than normal.

It happened I heard the crash I heard the melody of Angelic It sounded beautiful. "Summer." I heard in my head. "It's okay you'll be okay I'll help you today you and Alex will be okay today." The flash of red hit me hard as I fell to my knees no longer feeling in an angel's presence. The anger flushed inside me the hatred started to flow.

"Megan I mean um Summer are you okay?" Alex stammered. I opened my eyes and he jumped back. "HOLY it's Scarred she's back." I heard him say Scarred it's my demon form the side of me that makes me independent the side that cannot be controlled.

"What am I supposed to do Angelic?" Alex asked longing for me to hear him but the angel's gone. All of a sudden there was a snap of a tree branch and a loud "OW YOU DANG TREE!" Alex ran out and grabbed Zak and pulled him inside. "Explain." He said stubbornly. "I made her this way, okay? She needed to be in this form she needs to make the world the worst place to be at and you need to stop her Alex don't you see you can't always be there to protect her."

"Yes I know Zachary but you can't do this to her if she wants to be in demon form let her be in demon form but she doesn't want this!

"Knock Knock!" "WHO'S THERE!" Alex screamed. "Draco Myers the new guy to the angel demon crew." I looked at him hesitating to say anything this is Zak's best friend I remembered. "HEY BUDDY!" Zak shouted muffling it into a hug but Draco's eyes were on me.

"What's wrong with her eyes?" He asked. He looked at me staring into my blood RED eyes. "It's Scarred isn't it. I know how to get her back to Angelic." He started to comes towards me "BACK UP YOU LITTLE." He paused "Angelic it's me Draco." I stared up at him the evil started to run down me. "Draco it's good to see you again." He ran to me and drowned me into a hug.


My mission is to find the side of Angelic that can be defeated that is evil but is soft enough to grab ahold of my mission is to be together with evil and good this mission is BWGETF. Be With Good Evil Together Forever.

The hug lasted a while until Alex's stare pulled it away Alex isn't happy to see me or Zak he probably wants to protect Angelic, Summer whoever she is today. But he knows deep down I am good for her I won't hurt her unless…Oh Nevermind it's nothing.

They've been really quiet lately it's the 5th day out here and we are starting to wander down the paths where nothing good happens last night I found a pentagram on my arm I don't know how it got there and it won't come off. Alex his eyes have been strained and he won't talk to me. Zak is being kinder and staying around Draco. Draco is hanging really close to me and is making Alex jealous.

"Angelic will you please come with me." Draco whispered. I glanced at Alex he gave me a soft melting look but I pulled away and went with Draco. "I'm sorry for making you and Alex strained like this but I have to confess." He looked at me with a loving feeling but I didn't give it in return. "If your saying what you are saying just leave me alone DON'T YOU GET IT." I ran jumped and pulled out my wings leaving Draco behind.

I know she was furious at the moment but I jumped up pulled out my orange speckled brown wings. "Angelic!" She looked at me but I saw a glare of red light and she fell down down down. I headed at a sharp down angle as she was falling so fast. I caught her when I thought the time would run out.

I woke up in Draco's arms I didn't feel scared he was so close to me I thought it'd be okay for once. Alex was completely out of my mind.

"Angelic you know I love you you know I'd do anything and everything for you but still you don't feel the same way do you?" She stared at me not wanting to unfold the secrets hidden deep inside her. "Yeah but."

I didn't understand when it happened he thought he was getting Alex nerved probably but my heart was beating so fast as he found a way to my secrets he pulled me closer even when I tried to pull away. My stubborness didn't exist anymore.

I heard the scream I heard it loud and clear into my heart. Alex flew up to me pulled me away from Draco and stared into my eyes for seconds I saw his hurt right threw him. "I'm sorry." I cried. He turned around and pushed Draco out of the air at a full speed.

When I saw Draco again is hair was drenched in blood his glasses were broken and he was ripped to shreds. "I warned you Draco but you still want this." I pulled him into the bathroom and took a washrag trying to get the blood out of his brown hair his orange highlights seemed to no longer be orange. "I'll fight for you I'll find a way to you Alex can't do anything if you love me instead." He murmured. "Draco no no no." His eyes started to turn red there's no way!

I remember now he's supposed to be a demon. But he oh so he's trying to take control I get it now I bet it's one of his missions well okay then.

"Draco I I don't think you understand how hard it is to admit things.." He stared at me "Yeah go on you can say it…" I paused searching for the right words to say either way it's going to end strange in a way it shouldn't.

When she said those three words my whole face lit up but she didn't really mean them I know her to well. But I still tried to touch her even though it would burn I tried to do anything to make her tears stop burning.


I heard the whole conversation even though Scarred told me she'd become scary if I eavesdrop but I did. But I didn't want to tell Alex he would be so sad but when have I cared how my older brother feels exactly.

"Hey Alex I need to tell you something." I said. "What do you want Zak." He looked sad he was rubbing the scar on his arm that he got many years ago fighting me. Sometimes I wish I didn't do those things sometimes I wish I didn't begin to say it. "Draco and Angelic…"


Dear Journal

When Zak told me what they did what they said how how everything went down I decided that I really need to get rid of Draco but what would Angelic do to me if I did that. Probalaly spit in my face and tell me I'm pathetic she's the love of my life and she did this to me what am I supposed to do.

BANG. "ALEX YOU SCARED THE FUDGE OUT OF ME!" Alex came smashing in my room at one in the morning. "Angelic I need to say something to you but you wouldn't understand how much it means to me." He pulled out a ring and got on one knee. "Alex…" I gasped "I love you Angelic and I always will please don't tear my heart out like you've done before I know that resulted to your heartbreak to but." I started to feel tears in my eyes and Zak opened the door and said "WHAT'S WITH ALL THE NOISE." But he saw the ring in Alex's hand. "Oh well um bye see in guys in a while." He stammered and gently closed the door. "What's your answer Angelic." I closed my eyes took a deep breath and said. "After everything we've been through all the cries screams blood I will always love you Alex, yes."


3 days later… We didn't have a real reception like all the dreamers would we jumped off the cliff and flew off to ourselves for a while but I knew it wouldn't last long. In a while I would realize my name's not Angelic there's no Alex no Zak no Draco no anybody with wings but mine are still here I feel them in the wind.

My eyes might not be red I might not be Scarred but when I'm angry yeah it feels like it because you know how I am when I'm angry. When I'm sad I know Alex is there saying he loves me and he understands my pain like no one else. Draco he still is trying to win my heart but you know it belongs to Alex. And Zak being really annoying rubs in any mistake I make and makes me laugh sometimes imitating the people who make fun of me. I know they aren't real they might be for all you know you might not see them but they're here.

The End.