I saw the Light

Toward endless green, our journey starts

Over hills and under trees, toward lands legend seen

Fighting thief's, surviving dreams.

In the middle of the greatest of scheme's

There is no guarantee that we'll return,

And if we do we will not be the same.

The road in now calling

And we must away

To lands of dreams none has ever seen.

By the endless silver streams that run down to the sea

Under clouds beneath the stars

Over snow one winter's morn

I turn to my travelers and onwards we go

Where the road then takes us,

I cannot tell, but together we will be.

Many sorrows we may see,

but don't regret

For to these memories I will hold,

all of it.

The good the bad.

The funny and the sad,

Because they make us who we are.

May our names ring true in silence

And shine our way in darkness

For it is us the brave

The travelers

The light shines another day.

Yes, based of the song: The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd,

the credits song from the Hobbit, The Battle of the five armies