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The animatronic lay spread on the crinkling white paper below the sickening light of a single bulb hanging from the ceiling. Eyes stared glassily from their electronic sockets. Sallow skin was stretched over steel ribs. Lank hair tumbled from the skull. It could pass you in the street and you'd never know it wasn't a person. Cecilia felt disgusted to have created something so monstrous. She looked away and studied Chief Wilkins.

The man appeared to be half fascinated half sickened. The light shone down on his face highlighting the pallor of it, which contrasted sharply with the deep bluish-gray bags under his eyes. Graying stubble poked through the fleshy chin. Wilkins poked his tongue through his mouth and wet his chapped lips.

"Have you ever seen anything like it, Miss Matthews?" Chief Wilkins questioned, bringing Cecilia out of her stupor.

"No chief," Cecilia replied, lying through her teeth.

"It's incredible," Wilkins murmured, delicately placing a hand below the jaw and tilting it downwards to display a row of yellowing teeth. The corpse continued to stare blankly, unaware of the compliment.

"Have they found the body yet?" Cecilia asked uncomfortably, jaw clenching.

Chief pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Not yet, we're thinking Langdon might have tossed it in the river once he had what he needed,"

Cecilia's heart sank even further. The body was not in the river. The body wasn't even in the city. In fact, you could search that entire forsaken planet and still never find the body. She and Eugene had burned it, they couldn't risk any other methods.

"What was the woman's name?" Cecilia asked as if she didn't already know.

"A Ms. Raworth I believe. She had quite a little nest egg saved up for retirement, you know. We're assuming that's why he did it, for the money,"

"Mmm," Cecilia replied neutrally, that was why she and Eugene had done it. For the money. Cecilia felt horrified she could have ever done something so morbid just for money.

"Well we should get going, do you have everything you need Private Matthews?"

Cecilia glanced down the notes she knew she would never use. "Yes,"

"Excellent we can leave then. I'm sure you have places to be,"

Cecilia nodded, heart beating a little faster. She most definitely did have places to be.

The two walked out of the building together.

"Tomorrow then,"

"Tomorrow Chief," Cecilia muttered before turning down the sidewalk.

Cecilia's heels clicked hurriedly on the sidewalk. The detective determinedly put a hand to her holster hidden behind her trenchcoat and felt the cool metal of her pistol. Cecilia glanced around, the looming streetlamps cast a yellow haze into the drizzle. Automobiles puttered along in the muddy streets and one could faintly see the hulking outlines of airships soaring high above the city.

Cecilia's heart pounded like a beating war drum as she turned into the alleyway she had promised to meet Eugene in. A figure stepped out of the shadows.

"Cec is that you?"

Cecilia swallowed the lump in her throat. "Yeah, it's me,"

Eugene paced further into the light and took one of Cecilia's locks tenderly in his fingers. "Your hair's all wet darling,"

Cecilia placed her hand on Eugene's and removed it silently. Eugene looked worriedly at his girlfriend. "Is something wrong? Have they caught us?" The scientist asked hurriedly grasping Cecilia's hands in his own.

"Oh gosh I'm so sorry Eugene," Cecilia cried pulling away roughly and whipping her pistol from her holster.

Eugene's pupils dilated in fear, "Cec what's going on?!"

"I'm sorry, Eugene, I can't do this with you," Cecilia sobbed aiming the pistol at the man.

The harshly gleaming metal barrel starred Eugene down. "Cecilia please," Eugene begged.

Cecilia squeezed her eyes shut and pulled the trigger.


A roar of thunder accompanied the shot. Cecilia dropped the weapon and gazed transfixed as a bolt of lightning spidered across the heavens before tearing her gaze from the sky and looking back at Eugene.

Eugene snatched at Cecilia's hand before crumpling to the ground.

"Oh Cecilia," Eugene whispered before his eyes faded away into a blank nothingness. His hand slackened in Cecilia's and the blood slowly drained from his face leaving a white pallor.

Cecilia fell to the ground, her shaking legs no longer able to support her. The rain torrented down.

Police sirens wailed in the distance. They'll be coming for him, Cecilia thought hazily to herself. Not that it mattered to her. Nothing seemed to matter anymore, it was all just like a murky dream.

"Oh Eugene what have I done?"

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