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Chapter 2:

3 years earlier:

The bell above the cafe door jingled as a young woman entered before quickly shutting it sliding into a booth. She took off her trench coat and bowler hat revealing a tight-cut vest over a loose white blouse and a pair of baggy pants. Tattoos were plastered up her arm, mingling with dozens of bracelets along her wrists. Necklaces, pendants, and scarves adorned her throat. Dark kohl lined each eyelid. A nose ring pierced through her nostrils.

A freckled, redheaded girl of about fourteen or fifteen shuffled over to the table booth.

"May I getcha anything ma'am?" The girl mumbled, taking in the woman's eccentric appearance.

"I'll have some tea and biscuits please," the woman asked politely. The girl nodded before hurrying through the swinging doors into the kitchen.

The woman's eyes followed the girl warily back to the kitchens before snapping back to the cafe's doorway as the bell jingled again, this time a man who looked to be in his early 30's walked in and scanned the cafe before locking in on the woman's table and sitting down across from her. She glanced up at the man.

The man had handsome features, amber colored eyes, light brown hair, a slight mustache, and a slim looking figure underneath his heavy clothing. He stared carelessly at the menu for a second before glancing up at the person sitting across from him.

"Mind if I sit with ya darlin'?"

"Hmmm," The woman murmured feeling the question would be a lot more effective had he asked it before he sat down, but she didn't really mind.

"Excellent my name's Eugene what do they call you, love?"

The woman studied the man carefully for a second before replying, "Bellatrix, Bellatrix Languine,"

"Pleasure, Bellatrix,"

Bellatrix tilted her head in response.

The redheaded girl came back laden with a tray of tea and biscuits which she placed on the table before scurrying away.

"Eugene comfortable poured himself and Bellatrix a cup of tea before continuing to question her.

"Where are you from, Bellatrix?"

"I grew up on a ranch outside of the city, ran away when I was 16, became an airship privateer during the war, and when the war I ended I relocated here,"