The Winged People

Having wings isn't a good thing and it isn't a bad thing but here we are sitting on the tree's branches ready for action. I know what your saying how the heck do you have wings well let me tell you the full story man! My name is Alex I have a younger brother named Zak and a love of my life Angelic.

You might remember us from the story she wrote about. Because yeah we got wings because we thought we could be something other then normal we believed life would look us in the eye and be scared. So we went to a special place down in Angeles city in Philippines they said there was one way out. To get wings but that's where we met Draco. And Draco had a thing for Angelic and boy did I get mad.

But when I said she was mine she said "No no no Alex I never totally said I was yours." And then him and I got into a fight and Angelic totally lost it. But here we are now me, with white wings black spots and black tips Zak, with pale blonde wings Angelic, with red wings (changes color to match her personality) and Draco with brown wings and orange spots and tips. (To basically mimic me.)

We are yet again sitting on the tree's branches ready for action (asleep) and Zak and Draco are snoring so loud the tree is basically shaking. Angelic is out on the top of the tree staring at the view. So I got up flew to the top and landed beside her. "Hey sweetie." I said gently. "Hi Alex." She still looked at the sky watching for slight changes of color. "What's wrong? Does it have to do with me?" She looked at me with a surprised look. "No Alex it's just that this is an another illusion just like last time." She laid down spreading her wings out and told me to come. I laid down also and looked up at the sky. "It's beautiful." She said.

"It's not real" I told her she was having another one of her nightmares the ones that disrupt you so much it wakes you up in a hissy fit. "Alex please don't ever leave me." She cried. I promised I wouldn't

We thought things were getting along great but then Draco thinks he can ruin the fact the Angelic is with me and tries repeatedly to ruin us.


When those two got married it ruined my life but I knew deep down that she loved me and I wouldn't stop until she said so. "Angelic can you come with me for a second." I said. "Of course Draco what do you need?" She said softly. "It's Valentine's day and I wanted to give you this." I handed her a necklace with emeralds, all over it. "Wow you remembered I loved emeralds." She blushed. "Yes I listen to you, whenever you talk your voice is so beautiful." I smiled at her she might actually like me more, I thought for a second. "Oh and I made a song for you if you want to hear it." She smiled.

I reached for my guitar and sat down on the porch and started singing. "I don't know what I'd do without you, you are all I need. If they took you away I'd just sit down and bleed. Without you my heart turns to thorns oh it's going to bring back my horns. I'll survive this life without you but not the next and the next." I looked up at her for a second and she smiled at me I thought maybe just maybe.

I stood up slowly and she stepped in closer. "It's a nice song Draco but you know…" She stopped talking and looked into my eyes her eyes are such a beautiful green. "Angelic can I…" I said without looking away. "You know how much pain Alex would be in right?" She murmured. "I just know I love you and I hope it doesn't hurt you."

We flew off away from the treehouse (yes it is a treehouse) and found a cave far far away. But then she started crying "Angelic you know it hurts me so much to see you cry." She sniffed "I know Draco it hurts me to see you hurt but Alex loves me in every way possible Draco you only love me because that's how you were made." I didn't want to hear it any longer so I went up and said. "Can I just kiss you please." She stared at me "I don't know."

I stared at her with my loving eyes and she let in "okay Draco just don't do this." I held her close to me and lifted her head up to look up at me. "Are you sure I won't do it if you don't want me to." She sighed "I love you Draco."

Angelic came to me and said that she was hurt. "How did this happen Angel?" I murmured. "It's just an accident from…" She closed her eyes I understood she's hurt inside and out from all the other guys but she'd know that I'd never purposely hurt her like this. "Whatever you need Angel I'll give it to you." I said I turned around while holding her I let my wing cover her to keep her warm.

"Angelic I'm still really sorry." She stared at me with her bright green eyes full of forgiveness for a second. "It wasn't your fault Alex you can't control it." She mumbled still looking in my eyes. "Angelic I could give you anything you ever want." I said. "I know that Alex but I'm just afraid it won't…" She paused her eyes filled with tears. "I love you Alex you're the only thing I can't live without."


I thought I could control Draco I thought he would stop his obsession on me but he kept doing this over and over. One night I had enough. "Draco if you would come with me for a second." I hissed at him when everyone was asleep. "Why?" He said curious. I gave him a understare. "Okay geez don't go all demon on me."

"Draco I know we love each other and everything but you aren't right for me I could stay here yes and let you come close but I won't let this happen, Alex loves me! He loves who I am! You just love the fact of who I am!" I cried. "Shhh Angelic I can make this better." He mumbled too softly too kindly. He touched my bottom lip and looked into my eyes. "How bad would this hurt you." He cleared the softness in his voice and stared hard into my eyes.

"Draco…" I said my voice breaking. "Oh I see then you think I would do it and then you'd run away and tell Alex that I raped you! REALLY!" He said on the edge of turning into the demon he was raised as. I felt a tear go down the edge of my face. As the anger started slowly fading Draco whispered. "I'm sorry Angel I'll never bother you again." He turned about to leave my room.

I grabbed his arm "Stay please." I begged. "Then who do you want what do you want from me!" He cried. "I don't know Draco just come." I said regretting it already he looked into my eyes he's not safe not today never. He touched my hair softly still looking in my eyes. He moved his hand to touch my face he found the scars.

"Why can't you see that I'm hurting you." He said on the edge of crying. "I don't desire you as much as I normally do when I see you in pain." I stared at him but I knew Alex would be furious. "You desire me?" I said losing grip of my heart. "Yes I always have since the first day I met you when I…" He stopped hearing footsteps. "He's awake." He said.

I tried to pull away from him but he kept his grip around me. "Let me go Draco I can handle it." He sighed took a deep breath and said "Angel you don't make this easy on me. You know that."


She started to get mad at me when I didn't let her go so she did what I figured. She came towards me trying to kiss my cheek but I moved my head and she looked surprised she moved as surprised and backed away. But then she said "Draco try again." I admittedly did so. Her lips were cold she seemed to get cold but she didn't pull away I put my hand under her chin and I slightly stopped. She still wanted it I knew it but I know what I did, she was under my spell.

Whenever I touch someone I become more and more able to put them under my spell. I pulled away and said "Angelic you could've pulled away." I said my eyes are red I know they are they become red when I get what I want. But she didn't seem to notice she was confused. "Draco I think we need to stop." She cried. Then there was a knock at the door a slow one two three. "Say it." I mumbled. "Everything is okay Alex me and Draco are having a conversation." She said trying to be confident.

"Okay sweetie." Alex said angrily. But he stepped back a little and ran as fast as he could at the door. And he knocked it down with two tries. His eyes were red deep red with anger it was his demon form he's full of jealousy and I knew it.