With Wings Zak

"Okay sweetie you're going to have to leave now they can make you better... This is for your own good." She looked into my eyes with a fake sense of reassuring. "Mom don't let them take me I will be good I promise just please please don't let them do this to me!"

It was dark they were mumbling to each other in surprise that it successfully worked. "Is he still alive?" One guy said. "He seems to be but he's not waking up." I felt a weak hand on my shoulder trying to wake me. "Kid hey you awake?" I moaned my back hurt so bad and they were asking me if I was awake really? Why can't you ask me if I'm okay! "Mom Mom MOM!" I screamed in agony. I opened my eyes sharply and they all gasped.

"His eyes what is wrong with his eyes!" The same one guy said. "He seems to be…" Everyone stared at me wanting to know what was wrong with my eyes. "He's possessed" He finished softly not wanting to make me mad. "POSSESSED REALLY!" I shouted losing my grip. "Kid calm down." I stared at the guy who said that and he backed away slowly. "Okay explain." I said calmly.

"I never meant for this to happen to you Zachary I just wanted to test it." The guy said. "Test what?" I frowned. "Putting wings on a human boy." He finished. "WHAT YOU PUT WINGS ON ME, I'M ONLY 13!" I shouted. My mom walked into the hospital room and regretted it admittedly she turned around to leave but I saw her. "Mom what are you going to do about this?"

She turned around looked directly at me and said "Zak I'm so sorry but me and your dad are leaving we're going to California to catch up on all the gossip going around and we're bringing Alex with us." She didn't want to watch my reaction when she said my older brother's name. "NO DON'T TAKE ALEX AWAY FROM ME!" I said really wanting to cry. "Good bye Zak I hope you have a good life."

They threw me out onto the street in Mexico I walked around as lost as I possibly could be and with these wings it wasn't being any easier. Everyone was judging me throwing me out of conversations because they glanced slowly at my blond wings and saw my red eyes. One night I grabbed the phone and called Alex he picked up of course but he wasn't happy.

"What." He said distractedly. "Alex you need to help me I'm lost in Mexico mom and dad abandoned me and I don't know what to do with these wings and my red eyes!" I cried. I looked down I felt like I was falling down deeper and deeper.

Only rising when Alex said "Zak I'm sorry for everything but I can't…" He paused I knew he was on the edge of crying "What am I supposed to do Zak I can't get past mom and I can't go to Mexico without mom's permission." I sat in the telephone booth waiting for him to say it's okay but he didn't.

"What about Angelic?" I asked I knew she would help me she was always there for me when I needed her. "Angelic doesn't want to be involved Zak." He said sharply but I heard her in the background "Alex is that Zak? Can I talk to him please?" It was quiet for a minute.

"Hey Zak so how's the demon life going." She mumbled. "Angelic you need to come in get me I'm at Mexico, Mexico Beach. And I…" I paused on the edge of tears I didn't want her knowing I was crying. "Sorry Zak Alex forbids me from getting you. She said sadly "I feel like your sister sometimes Zak I love you and I'm so sorry. Goodbye."

A girl walked up to me she was curious and not frightened. "Hi what's your name." She said softly. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours." I said confident that she would run away if I opened my eyes. "I'm Veronica." She said pushing her brown hair off her shoulder. I opened my eyes "Names Zak, Zak Miller." I waited for her to scream and run in terror but she didn't.

"Nice to meet you Zak let me guess you got tested." She said her green eyes soft. "Yes and my eyes will never ever be the same." I looked into her eyes they were so warm and she seemed shy but eager to be by me.

"I heard about you from Dr. Alpha." She said interrupting my thoughts. "Oh yeah he said he was sorry for doing this to me but I don't believe him." She still was being strange she was fidgeting with her bracelet chain and she knew what I'd say when she said. "Zak you're alone here aren't you."

She suddenly reached up and stroked my feathers "I am I asked my brother to come and try to pick me up but my mom and dad forbid him to." I said completely forgetting about Angelic she wasn't going to like that. "Your wings are soft." She mumbled. I looked up at the sky and it was becoming sunrise "I don't have a place to stay." I mumbled saying the obvious.

"You can come to my house." She said eager agan. "No I wouldn't want to make your family afraid of me."

I woke up it was dark darker than dark and I got the feeling as if I was alone in this darkness here but I knew wherever I was Angelic and Alex would find me but at least I thought they would. I screamed and screamed but no one could hear me.

"Zak?" The girl said. "No n0 no I want my mom! GET MY MOM! LEAVE ME ALONE! DON'T TOUCH ME!" I shouted on my last nerve. She gasped as my eyes were blood red not gentle at all anymore and looked away I probably just tore her in half I guessed. "I'm sorry Veronica." I said gently.

"I think you should leave." She said softly. "No please Veronica I can't live out there don't you see how they treat me, they act as if I was a demon please don't leave me."

She opened the door to let me out "I'm sorry but…"