King Edwin the 4th, to put it lightly, was a very interesting king. He took control of the throne after murdering his dad and marrying the town prostitute, Rewanda, making her his queen. Edwin wore many royal wigs that looked ridiculous and old fashioned, mostly in dark brown and black colors, with his reason being to cover up his hideous bald spot. The clothes he wore looked just as ridiculous, even more so than his father's old attire. He usually wore red, poofy, and stripped Spaniard clothes, along with pants that were way too short on him. And the piece de resistance was his new tacky crown that lay upon his possibly rat infested wigs. Anyone who dare judge or critique his choice of clothing received fourteen lashes. He would eat a 12-course meal every day-often made from the village's animal stock, including ones they so desperately needed like cows and chickens-but he never gained a single pound. He instead fed most of his meals to Rewanda, not liking her original, thin design. After being forced to eat huge courses of high-class food every single day, Rewanda ended up naturally looking hugely obese, feeling very unattractive and uncomfortable about her new looks; she always looked like she was going to pass out or collapse due to her constantly clogged arteries, gasping for air every day, but couldn't do anything about Edwin's preferences mainly because she didn't want to sacrifice her new hedonistic lifestyle, where she could have all the clothes and money in the kingdom. Speaking of money, Edwin would often spend any money he received from the villagers on new clothes and wigs from far away lands, rather than provide for his poor, helpful village. Edwin didn't have time for those pesky villagers; after all, that's what Edgar's far.
Edwin befriended his head knight, Sir Edgar Skrave, when they were children. Edwin was always the schemer, while Edgar was more of the attacker. As kids, they would pick on children far smaller/younger than them just for the fun of it. When Edwin inherited the throne, he promoted Edgar to be his head knight and taxpayer, as well as judge, jury and executioner whenever there was an unsatisfied consumer. Every month, Edgar and his knights would head throughout the village going from door to door ordering each citizen in town to pay at least 1,000 centos in order to live. Yes, "live". If the patron didn't have enough, Edgar would slash their head off and feed their body to the pigs, also applying that logic to the patron's family (he kept the heads as souvenirs). Edwin gave orders to Edgar to not only kill if they didn't have enough, but to also have fun while doing so, a task Edgar most definitely took to heart. This was the reason why Edgar never wore his knights helmet; he wanted to see the townsfolk quiver and grovel as they begged and pleaded him to not kill them. He wanted them to look at his face as he smiled and chopped their heads off. Edwin claimed that he gave Edgar the order to kill so that he, the king, would not waste any resources on someone who didn't want to live in his town. He would also use Edgar as a means to threaten his own servants, promising them a long, painful death if they were to ever disobey them.
Often times, Edgar would get bored of slaughtering just villagers and, when he wasn't reading the latest edition of Tome of Poetry, would sneak off away from the village to mess with thieves, stealing their money after slaughtering them. This even extended to stealing from bloodthirsty warriors from other rival villages, who were armed and ready to kill anyone who got in their way. This would also cause some grudge-filled rival knights to invade the village and torture anyone to find out who stole their gold, with Edwin and Edgar always blaming a random villager-whether it be an elder or child-watching as the "culprit" is taken away to be enslaved. Whenever this happens, Edwin always punishes Edgar by giving him a hard slap on the face, mainly out of disappointment of seeing his prized knight and friend failing to achieve a goal. One day, the townsfolk decided that they couldn't take it anymore. Animal resources were decreasing by day, the town was slowly losing villagers month by month, and Edwin didn't look like he was going to change or leave any time soon. Everyone decided that enough was enough. It was time to take back what was once theirs.
After months of planning, the townsfolk gathered up their gardening supplies, sharpened some wood into pointy spears and stakes, collected some torches, and formed a huge crowd in front of Edwin's castle. They rushed in through the doors, slaughtering all of Edwin's knights. While the knights had better equipment and armor, the townsfolk had brains and more fighters. The knights were slain despite the huge amount of citizens lost. When the remaining townsfolk got to Edwin's throne room, they rammed the door down until it burst off its hinges.
Inside, were Edwin and Rewanda, the latter now looking like a putrid, bloated blob, dark-green fluid drooling from her mouth. Edwin, standing in front of his throne, kicked his queen down the stairs, watching as she managed to crush a small chunk of the crowd. When that was done, the few remaining people rushed up the stairs, spears and pitchforks ready. Suddenly, Edgar jumped right in front of the king. He proceeded to murder every member of the mob until he ran out of breath, except for one. The remaining member, who had her arm sliced off thanks to one of the knights from earlier, grabbed her pitchfork and rammed it into the now tired and panting Edgar's face, killing him instantly.
Edwin looked like he had just seen a ghost. He backed away until he hit his throne, causing both it and him to fall over. Once on the ground, Edwin started crawling backwards. The lone survivor grabbed Edgar's sword and staggered toward Edwin. The sword weighed a ton, but the survivor didn't care; she wanted Edwin to die poetically. When Edwin crawled back into the wall behind him, he resorted to pleading to the survivor to not kill him, promising that he would change his ways if she were to spare him, even swearing to make her his new queen. The survivor's father didn't raise a fool. She gave a mighty stab towards Edwin's body, impaling and killing him once and for all, even stabbing the body a few times for good measure. Immediately after the impalements, the survivor's vision began to start blurring, and she fell on her back, feeling incredibly light headed from her massive blood loss, staying alive until all she could see was darkness.
Years later, a roaming couple found the now abandoned, decaying village and decided to fix it up after years of inactivity. The couple managed to form a smarter and hardworking society of townsfolk that lived in peace and harmony for many years. And yes, they had a much better ruler.