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"Hey… Can you even hear me?" That sentence jerked Ruby out of her dream. "Whaa…" she muttered, then went back to thinking about the dream. It had been a good one too; she and Elwood, one of her cats, had gone on a ride on the hall carpet. They had flown far away from Brenn and the people and animals that lived there.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Ruby's alarm clock went. "Alright alri-" BEEP! BEEP! She slapped at the snooze button and missed, eventually just unplugging the stupid thing. "RUBYYY! RUBY ROSE MCKINLEY GET DOWN HERE IMMEDIATELY!" came Ruby's mother's voice. "NOW!" Ruby grabbed her uniform and hurried to put on the white and jade outfit. She grabbed her hairbrush and brushed her curly red hair, then threw it into a bun with some semblance of neatness; and ran downstairs. There she found her father eating bacon on toast and her mother glaring at her from the stove. "Ruby, do you have everything you'll need for school?" Ruby looked up rom stuffing her face full of toast to answer; "Yes I even have my sketchbook. I put it all in last night." Her mother looked slightly surprised but hid it well. "Good, now you'd better hurry and start walking to be on time."

As Ruby walked out the door, Stanfield, her other cat, bolted past her and out the door. "Stanfield! Get back here!" Ruby took off after him, forgetting her bag on the steps. "Kitty! Stanfield! Hey! Stop!" At that moment Stanfield stopped and said "Jeez! You'd think I was about to jump in a pool of lava! Let me tell you this: Only dogs are that stupid." Ruby stopped in her tracks. "Hey! Human! Your mum is yelling something awful!" With that Stanfield trotted back to the house as though nothing had happened. When Ruby got back to grab her bag she said "Mum? Something weird happened. Stanfield started to ta-" "Tell me after school Ok honey. Now hurry or you'll be late!"

Oh! Suspense! See you next installment!