A/N: my best friend, tired of being my go-to person whenever I want feedback on my scribbles, diplomatically suggested that I publish them online, so voilà!

Hope some of it might speak to you :)

The dreamer

He's been dreaming of uncertain skies

Yet he yearns to be earthbound.


His wandering soul

Thirsts for rarefied wonders

As he looks on, dry-eyed.

No end in sight for his aimless spirit,

Sky is the limit;

Freedom turned into weariness


Here and there –

Flashes of familiar stars peek through foreign trees

He remains a stranger all the same.

This is but a smoggy state,

A cloudy in-between


He is no sweet summer child

He does not miss

His clipped wings;

He cares not

For an omen to shed light

On what the next day holds.


He surrenders to the fate

That took his fledging wings away

And let him keep his poisonous dreams

Of endless expanses of stifling skies

As he takes flight

Over and over


And over –

Chasing the echo of a tale

Of red strings that bind.