The sun rises punctually over the Great City at 05:30 and it always makes this muggy city seem so glamorous to the tourists but not for residents.

My name is 026, I wish could tell you more about myself but I honestly cant remember much and as far as I can remember I've lived in this blasted furnace almost all my life. And I have all the time in the world. I do lots of things to kill the time; exercise, read books if can concentrate, make art ,play hide myself and most importantly look for food. Even a robot like myself has to eat.

Did I say I live in a furnace, I meant an abandoned steel foundry. Or least the part that's desolate. Yes, the foundry is still operational but most of the work bots stay away from the desolate section. Some say they think that ghosts live there. How convenient for me. My little humble abode is laid atop of the blast pipe of the furnace, I am quite used to the noise, smoke and heat. No one would dare go up there. The foundry is located at the edge of the Great City, overlooking the river. Its quite a sight in the morning and night time.

But I have to admit I do venture out my desolate space. Sometimes I go watch the workbots at work. And let me tell you that its good that I do because they usually tend to do stupid things that usually lead one ending up damaged or worse. One forgot to strengthen his safety harness and I jumped to catch him as he fell; another time some idiot put a wet piece of metal into the melting pot and I pushed him out of the blast radius; also I recall one time an electric arc furnace had malfunctioned and just before it could explode with molten metal I moved the two unfortunate workbots to safety. One was quite grateful and the other claimed it was my fault the furnace exploded, this was untrue. With that being said it is important for me to say is that no one knows I live in this half abandoned foundry. I don't make myself seen or heard by the workbots, except for the rescuing part. The workbots have come up with unique name for me "The Red Ghost". Its quite lucky for me that no one dared to see if I am real or not, not even the police bother with me.

I did mention that I have to look for food. A few of the grateful workbots leave me some snacks as token of gratitude for watching over them, but its usually not enough. Most of the time I have to venture out of the foundry in a disguise usually and go to the homeless kitchen for food or use what little money I can find for canned goods. And while out in the streets I have to act like a robot with special needs, usually people are more sympathetic to such types, and usually leave them alone. 0-2-6,0-2-6,0-2-6, I say to them most of the time, when asking for food at the kitchen. Most of the other robots at the kitchen know me as Twenty-six, because its the only thing I would say.

I can't complain too much about these conditions I live in. However it does get dreadfully dull most of the time. I have tried to keep pets but most just die or run off. I usually don't like to talk to the robots of the Great City, they are much too occupied with making money, their smart droids or whatever the next big standard is. It is important to mention that not all robots are self absorbed, and unsympathetic, but most that I often cross paths with are rude, and make tantrums over things that are not very important. This applies to the workbots at the foundry also, but I mustn't communicate with them.

But like I said, I can't complain too much, everything is stable for now.