The hottest days are quite usually the worst at the food kitchen. I don't mind the heat, but what I do mind is everybody else that shows up at the kitchen. The bane of all robots was extreme heat and cold, high voltage shock, and magnetism.

The hot weather usually makes the robots of the Great City even more irritable than usual. And today it was even worse; the weather today was approximately 42 degrees Celsius, and the city robots complained bitterly.

I had gone out to be fed today as usual, and that's when it happened. I was next on line to be fed, I had my bowl out then a disgruntled robot came out from behind and started rambling about being hungry forever. Yo big red ass stealin' all the food, let us eat you fat pig he yelled at me. I ignored him and proceeded to stick out my bowl for the young girl who was going to put food in it. As food dropped on the bowl, the disgruntled robot knocked it out of my hands. Policebots prepared to take action. The young girl behind the table, annoyed, angrily told the disgruntled robot to wait his turn, but before she can say more I punched the disgruntled robot knocking him down to the floor, his arm fell off in process. The young girl jumped, the crowd of homeless robots backed away from me but the young girl stood still. The police sprung to action and revealed their weapons ; "Hands up" they shouted, " Get on the floor" they added. I got ready move and then without warning the policebots opened fire.

Policebots usually have two weapons a shock baton, and pistol that fires either high voltage or magnetizing cartridges. High voltage cartridges are designed to incapacitate by overloading a robot with electricity rendering them unconscious; the magnetized cartridges are designed for live capture, without too much harm, in short they make a robot stick causing any movement they make difficult. However policebots still had to be careful when using them, for they can stick also, if they got too close.

They fired magnetic cartridges at me, I was unaffected, I was still able to move. Next they tried high voltage cartridges. It was unfortunate for the young girl to be there when it happened for when the policebots fired high voltage cartridges at me, my hands were on the metal table with food. I was going to pick up the table to use a shield. But before I could, I was shot and electricity travelled from me to the table and shocked the young girl that was cowering beneath. I was momentarily shaken, but the young girl was unconscious.

Before the policebots could get ready to fire again. I lifted the metal table and threw it at them. They jumped clear. One of them got on the radio called for assistance. I had to get away and quick. I saw the unconscious girl on the floor, I couldn't just leave her there. So picked her up I and held her in my arms.

Put her down shouted the policebots. But I didn't bother with them. I quickly rush towards a wall and broke right through with my shoulder. The policebots fled after me, but I quickly lost them in the alleyway in the next street.

I wasn't sure where to go, the girl I was carrying was still unconscious. But I knew she needed help. I saw sign that said doctor, the name didn't matter but I'm quite certain this doctor would help the unconscious girl. I gently put her down, laid her against the door then knocked furiously at the door and ran off. It wouldn't be long before they have my description circulated throughout the media in the city. Luckily I was wearing a disguise.

I got rid of my costume and made it back to the foundry without any delay. I would have to lay low for awhile given everything that's happened today.