Susan took a deep breath as she followed closely behind Lana. She felt like she was walking in a dream. It seemed outlandish to think that just a few minutes ago she had come face to face with a living, breathing version of the plush doll she wanted as a child, said doll was only a hundred or so paces in front of her.

"So." Susan said finally after a good ten minutes of walking. The door they had passed throw lead to long, darken hallway. Said hallway was lined with doors. In the center of each door there could be seen a thin strip of brass. Odd names had been engraved into these thin pieces of metals.

"So what?" Inquired Lana as she stopped in front of a door marked with a simple 'X'. "Wondering where we are? Maybe you've looked down at your phone and noticed the times stopped. Maybe you're a little concerned, because for all your searching for the supernatural, you've finally gone over your head. And this time, you might not be coming back to your loving family." She smiled at the last part and flashed her pearly white teeth at Susan.

Susan blinked and blinked again.. The last statement hit her like a ton of bricks. A cold shiver passed over her spine as she peered toward the doll turned human. She been shivering. Despite the fact she was dressed for the weather. Jeans, sneakers, a simple white blouse and her little brothers hoodie, had provided just the right amount of protection from the early October cold snaps.

"Something to think about." Lana whispered as she peered toward Susan. "There forces in this world, you can not begin to understand. Forces that act upon things, people and places." She said as she pushed down upon the handle of the door and pushed the wooden door in. Without saying another world. Lana stepped into the room and motioned for Sue to join her.

Susan, still thinking this must be a dream, followed Lana into the room. The sight that greeted her was a strange one, it seemed like a old play room. The walls where blue and pink. Wooden building blocks, each one painted a bright pastel color lay scattered about on the floor. Beside the blocks one would find a wooden car or truck. And in the center of the room, there could be seen a wooden toy chest. The lid of the chest was open and it revealing a treasure trove of hairbrush's, ping pong paddles, dress's and hair ribbons. Susan's eyes soon came to rest on the treasure held within the chest.

"You have become quite the tomboy." Lana said taking a deep breath as she locked the door and turned her full attention toward Susan. Smiling a wicked little smile, she strolled over toward the toy chest. Slowly she reached down and pulled out a pink dress.

"Now, I'm going to give you a choice dear heart. You can let me dress you up, in a away, let me turn you into a doll for a short period of time, with a promise that I will release you." She smiled as she eased the dress down So Susan could see it. She wanted her to see it clearly, she could almost taste the fear in the air. She could smell the fear. The scent of the fear made her mouth water.

Susan swallowed hard and peered toward Lana. There was something unsettling about the way she strung those words together. Slowly she reached down and started to play with the brass zipper of her hoddie. Finally after a long period of silence she spoke.

"You promise.." Susan said as she started to remove her hoodie. Then she noticed Lana had reached over and graphed her hand. For a very long minute the two peered into each others eyes. Each one, measuring each other. Finally Susan nodded her head and held out her hand.

"I promise.." Lana said smiling as she reached over and took hold of the hand, smiling a little she gave the hand a tender squeeze as she shook it, but behind her back, her fingers where crossed and a wicked smile spread from one ear to the other.

Susan frowned a little as she noticed the arm behind Lana back, but there was little she could do, for soon she felt a icy chill surround her heart. Somewhere deep inside of her, a desire was starting to grow.

"Good," Lana said now sensing her victory was finally at hand. "Now, lets get you dressed. No little girl wants to play with a doll who wears, jeans and such. That not very becoming of a dolly." She said smirking as she leaned in and whispered softy into Susan's ears, what she whispered Susan would never know, for it was nonsensical.

Susan could only nod her head as she started to undress for Lana. The hoodie was pulled over her head and tossed down on the floor. Once her hoodie was removed, she unlaced her sneakers and tossed them down on the floor, next came her socks, followed by her belt and then her jeans. Soon she was standing in nothing but her bra and panties, both did not match and totally clashed with each other.

"Not even mature enough to match." Sighed Lana as she reached down and picked up Susan's belt. "Then you leave me with me with no choice, if you can't be trusted to match your panties with your bra, then there no sense in you having them. Remove them." Lana paused and then in a shouting tone of voice bellowed out. "NOW!"

Susan felt herself jump as she started to remove her bra and panties, she quickly discarded them on the floor of the playroom. Once they where removed, Susan lifted up her hands and covered her budding chest and her private area. She felt totally exposed standing there naked.

"Very good." Lana said taking a deep breath. "Now, please bend over and graph your legs and take a deep breath." Lana said as she looped the belt over and smirked as she advanced toward Susan.

Susan swallowed hard as bent over and graphed her ankles, She closed her eyes as she felt the ice cold hand of Lana being placed upon the small of her back and the cold leather being pressed into her bottom. A few seconds later, she felt a searing burn come crashing across her bottom as she felt the leather strap come sailing down, striking her bottom and sending a wave of sting rolling down into her tender frame.

"You have been a brat." Lana scolded as she brought the strap down upon Susan's bottom again. Sending another wave of sting and burn, flooding into her bottom. "A terrible little brat, for keeping me waiting so long!" She struck her bottom again, sending another wave of sting and burn rolling into her bottom.

Susan felt her strength starting to fail her, the two sudden blows had winded her pretty good. Her eyes where starting to mist and her throat was starting to tighten. Her fingers wrapped even more tightly around her ankles as she tried to fight through the small bubbles of pain coming to the surface of her head.

Lana felt a little smirk forming upon the bow of the lips as she reared back the belt again and struck at the bottom, and again and again, sending a wave of burning sting rolling into her bottom. Susan's round cheeks bounced with each stroke of the leather belt. She could feel her mental defenses failing under the contestant bombardment.

Lana, now more than ever felt her victory was at hand. Drawing back her arm and letting the strap fly, she increased the tempo of the assault. Then it happen, the levee holding back Susan's tears broke open, sending a stream of hot, salty tears down her burning cheeks. As the emptied herself of all the pent up emotions, a strange feeling started to take hold of her. Her mind became blank and her breathing started to grow shadow.

"Now." Lana said taking a deep breath as she picked up the dress. The dress was a different one now. This one was a pink gingham dress, one with bright gold toned buttons. The dress placed to the side, and a simple white blouse with peter pan style sleeves was held up. Lana smirked as she peered into Lana's eyes. "Arms up!"

Susan obeyed without thinking and shot her arms up in the air, Taking a deep breath she waited for the blouse to slipped over her body, a few seconds later it was being slipped down over her slender frame. Once the blouse was in in place. The garment seem to mold itself to Susan's tender frame. A deep blush colored her high cheekbones as she watched the Dress being lowered over her body and snapped into place.

"Now." Lana said in a teasing tone of voice, "We need to do something with that hair of yours." She said as she picked up a wooden, flat paddled brush. Brush in hand she snapped her fingers and two hair ribbons appeared in her hand. The ribbons where the palest pink Susan had ever seen. "Because, right now, dolly has a messy ponytail. And no little girl wants her dolly to have a messy ponytail."

Susan took a deep breath and nodded her head. A strange transformation was taking place. She was starting to enjoy being the center of attention, the center of Lana's world. The more she played with this idea, the more she felt her mind folding into a mold.

Lana wasted no time in removing the ponytail from Susan's hair, once the ponytail was removed, she started to brush out the birds nest that formed. Soon, nothing but long flowing waves of silky brown hair could be seen. The hair was then divided down the center and each section was tied back in a neat pigtail.

Once the pigtails where in place, Susan eyes started to feel heavy. Slowly she started to slip into a peaceful sleep. She'll close her eyes for a few seconds and they would flutter open again. Lana was smiling now, in hand she held a spool of thread, bright pink. In her other hand she held two pink buttons. She was now advancing toward Susan.

Susan tried to stir, but her legs felt heavy, she opened her mouth to scream. But her throat was too dry and her tongue felt glued to the roof of her mouth, and she was drifting to sleep again. Sleep seemed to come almost easy now. She was just about to doze off for a second time when her eyes fluttered open and there standing in front of her was Lana, she was threading the thread through the eyes of the buttons, a long, sharp sewing needle was now at tip of the thread.

"Hold still honey." Lana said taking a deep breath as she kneeled down and placed her hand on Susan's head. "This will only hurt for a bit." She said as she slowly started to move the needle toward Susan's eyes. "Take a deep breath.. One deep breath and it will be over, my little Susie Q."

Lana was right, it only hurt for one second, a second that seemed to last for years. A blinding white light filled her word and burning pain filled each fiber of being. She wanted to scream out, she wanted to beg, but nothing could stop her. Then it was over. Where Susan stood, there was now a small rag doll. Once with chestnut brown hair, pink button for eyes, and a soft smile. The doll wore a pretty pink dress.

Lana lifted the doll up and smirked as she then tossed it into the corner of the room, where it came to a rest, surrounded by a toy car, building blocks and other children's toy. "Revenge is sweet."

End of Part of II.