Vicksburg Gaiden: Recollection

St. Katherine's is a private school. And has long been considered the cradle for the elite of Vicksburg. Here, in her hollow halls of academia the sons and daughters of the protestant planter class, learned Latin, Greek and the arts. The school, has deep roots in the community and like the church its attached too, St. Katherine has long served the community's pastoral needs.

Our school, has also been considered more cultured than other schools. We host a number of clubs, beside the normal ones. Where also only one of two schools to offer Kendo as a elective. And like many high schools we host through out the year a number of school wide celebrations. On of the most popular is the yearly 'Culture Festival' that's always hosted the week leading up to Easter Break.

The highlight of that event is that each club or team does something special. For example, the cheerleaders often host "Cheer Clinics" and the anime club, the one I chair often to my dismay does the overused "Maid and Butler Café".

Chaired? Yes, I'm the teacher advisor of the anime club. My name is Arienette Edith Piece or Mrs. P. as my students like to call me. I also coach the girls Field Hockey Team as well as teach Physical Education. I also oddly enough help to found the anime club back in the early 2000's. In fact I still a geekette at heart. But, I'm sure your wondering what makes that event so special.

We'll one it was the first time in my life I've ever been gunged in public. And it pretty much brought the term "Cosplay" into our popular lexicon. The reader will remember that this during the stone age. We where pretty much starved for information here in rural Mississippi. And most of the major conventions where on the East or West Coast. With one or two located down on the coast.

I still remember that event like it was yesterday. The year was two thousand and two. Everybody in are club was either doing some last minute craming for the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) or getting there drawing in order for Tokyo Pop's "Rising Star of Manga" contest. It seemed our grandest ambition at the time was to either go to collage in Japan or become one of the first American mangaka.

Yet above madness, there was still one driving force. Are club was hosting its first ever fundraiser. After much consideration and sixteen rounds of debate, dozens of MSN conversations we finally settled on hosting something never done before in school history. We where going to host something called a Slime Off. Now at that time, Nickelodeon was still in its prime, though showing signs of decay. And it still featured an abundance of the slop that made it famous. And guess who suggest that idea, yes it was none other than little old me.

So, pressed by time the motioned passed with a vote ten in favor and none opposed. With that settled, we tossed all of our strength, time, talent and money into the project it was decided that the girls would make the costumes as most of us where already enrolled in Home Education and the boys would build the tank as most of them where enrolled in vocational programs.

Looking back, I think the boys had it a tad bit easer. You must remember that the internet was still pretty new. And while I'm sure there where sites out there that could have helped us, most of us did not have a home computers. That left only the school and the Vicksburg's Public Library as possible sources for patterns and information. Using both required a written note from your folks or a legal guardian.

But after much struggling and some input from a helpful teacher, we finally managed to sew together a few good looking outfits. One was the standard sailor school girl uniform that from what we could tell, was all the rage within the fandom. The other one a simple yellow dress. The outfit was inspired by Asuka Lang String, a character from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. After drawing straws it was decided among us girls that I would wear the school uniform and Tiffany Fox, the odd ball of the group a Celtic beautify with smooth as silk skin a head of lush coppery red hair and the most stunning green eyes you've ever seen.

Yes, straws had commanded that Ms. Fox would wear the yellow dress and play the role of the flirty Asuka. While I would wear the school uniform and play the roll of a humble, meek and mild schoolgirl.

Are roles decided we then tacked the issue of making the slime. And that was another problem we needed to address. Thankfully, a helpful teacher came to are reuse. It was with her written permission we where allowed to search the fabled world wide web and after a day of fruitful searching we stumbled upon the recipe that was both easy to do, and light on our already strained pocketbooks.

The recipe called for vanilla pudding, applesauce and green food coloring. All of which could easily be found in the kitchen of the school. And all of which was "Donated" again by this helpful teacher, who was quickly becoming something of a patron saint to us. The boys at this time had been working around the clock and the tank was almost finished.

And Since Tiffany and I where the ones up for the vote, we felt it was only right that she and I pay the tank a visit. So one afternoon, shortly after lunch. She and I paid the workshop a visit. The shop was filled with wood and reeked of timber and paint. Sawdust a good three to four inches thick covered some sections of the concert floor. Wooden shelves housed boxes of nails, screws, nuts and bolts. Trio handsome boys, all with specks of woodchips in there hair greeted us. There faces where stained with sweat and dirt.

"Its finished." The leader of the three boys. "Mr. Banner really helped with the design."

"And he corrected some minor problems with the blueprints. That man has some really mad skills." Another boy said. He was tall, willowy and was graced with a head full of dark brown hair. I fancied him and lusted after him. Slowly a little blush bloomed on my cheeks as I noticed him standing there. And for a brief second, the idea of wearing a risqué Cosplay for him and him along seemed to appeal to me.

"Cool." Tiffany and I said in unison. Behind them we could see the tank, four, simple wooden post supported a reservoir. The clear, plastic tank would around twenty six gallons of are homemade slime. The chosen target would sit upon a simple wooden chair. The chair had been a old wooden chair that had somehow been savaged from storage. The boys had added something else, something wicked.

Now, as I mentioned before there was a vocational center attached to are school. Keeping with the general theme of naming building after saints. Aka St. Katherine's Episcopal School or St. Hannah's Infirmary the latter was what amounted to a over glorified school nurse's office. It was located on the fourth floor of the school. It was more or less modeled on the Japanese system we think, because four old iron spring beds where located there. You know, if by chance you wanted to sleep away your school day. Anyway the vocational center was called St. Joseph's Vocational and Trade school. At one time, I believe leatherworking had been one of the courses offered there, because attached to the legs and arms of the chair where four broad leather straps with large brass buckles. Tiffany and I exchanged a wayward glance with each other as we noticed the straps.

"We added the straps.." One of the boys said with a small smile. His face turned a deep dark red. "We thought it would spice things up a bit you know. That way the person getting the slime can't really escape."

Tiffany and exchanged another knowing look. One of us was going to get the slopping of there life. Total, one hundred perfect humiliation. The only question was.. Who? Which one of us, would it be me, the shy geekette or her, the popular cheerleader with the odd ball habit? Nobody could really say. All we could do was pray, pray and count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds till the votes where tallied.

The night of the Festival was one of those rare nights when the moon was full. The night sky was dotted with millions of stars. The temperature was perfect, not too cool and not to hot. The empty field behind are school had been transformed into something of a wonderland. With a strange mixture of "County Fair" and "Creole Carnival" going on. The drama club was finishing the last act of one of William Shakespeare's plays.

The smell of cooking food was heavy in the air too. I can still clearly remember the smell of roasting whole fryers. Seasoned with a heavy coating of Tony Chachere's, a Creole type of seasoning knowing for its spicy kick. Many of the local cooks swear by it and still do. And from the mouths of all the party goes, the Cajun French phase of "Laissez les bons temps rouler" could be heard as a toast as groups of students raised there glasses into the cool autumn sky.

Yes, I know what your thinking. But you must remember this was only are second Culture Festival. And with Vicksburg being located on the Louisiana-Mississippi State line, with only the Mississippi River dividing us, the colorful rustic Cajun/Creole culture of the surrounding region was the only thing we could draw upon. And it seemed with the help of the French Club, the small number of Roman Catholic students had turned the event into a mini Mardi Gras.

And that suited us just fine. For one, the present of costumed revelers made cosplaying seem almost welcome. And of all the booths, I must say ours seemed to be the most popular. People seemed almost drawn to the sight of two pretty girls, dressed in colorful costumes and the novelty of the Slime Tank was really helping draw in the crowds. A last minute decision had called for three different batches of slime to be made.

The colors - those I can't revel yet because at the time, I had no idea what they where. It had been decided that Tiffany and I, not be included in making this batches, they wanted it to be a total surprise.

But, all in all the booth was proving to be popular. In front of the booth a few of the other girls had set up a old card table. A large piece of poster board had been tapped to the front. One of the aspiring mangaka had drawn a picture of a girl sitting in a gunge tank much like the one we built. The girl was dressed a schoolgirl. Her eyes where squinted up as a waterfall of slime fell down upon her head. Above the tank was the caption "Slime The Cosplayer". It was charming to say the least.

My eyes where drawn toward the two large milk-jugs sitting upon the table. Written upon of the milk jugs was my name, upon the other Tiffany's. Both of are jars where filled with coins with the odd lose bill folded up and stuck in with the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies that had been emptied from the pockets of people passing by the booth.

Finally the two jugs where emptied and there contents spilled upon the table. A host of students then descended upon mountain of change and with nimble fingers and notepads they started to count and tally the total. It took all of fifteen minutes before the chairwomen stood up and in a loud, booming tone of voice called out to the crowds.

"May I have your attention please." She shouted, her sweet as honey voice cut through the tumult. "May I please have your attention."

Soon all the heads where turned toward her. Noelle then stood there smug, giggling a little she placed her hands over her mouth and winked. A pause of several seconds passed before she said.

"That better. We've counted and tallied everything. But before I give the total raised and revel who is going into the tank, I would like to say this. I want to thank you all. Every cent raised will go toward outfitting the anime club. And spurning on are study of Japan and her people. With that being said we raised a total of five hundred dollars. And.. It seems you guys wanted to save Tiffany from the gunge, so Arie, would you please join me on stage."

All eyes turned toward me. I took a deep breath and started toward the stage. Four handsome guys, all dressed to the nines stood there. My maiden heart skipped a little as I felt the crowds pushing me forward. Soon I was standing upon the stage. The hostess wasted little time and opened the door to the tank for me. With gentle, but firm hands I was ushered in.

With these same strong but firm hands they placed me down upon the seat and started to strap me in. We'll one of them started to strap me in, that was the boy from before. He was the dark haired boy, the one with the willow frame. He was so gentle as he moved my legs into position and secured the straps. I could feel his body pressing against my legs as he tightly fasten the straps.

Then he moved me up and secured my arms and finally, he reached down and secured the strap around my waist. As he leaned in, I could smell him, I could smell the scent of Irish Spring Soap and earthly scent of his aftershave. The scents of these two along made me shiver and groan with pleasure as he leaned over and gently handled the strap and secured me, as he rose up, he peered into my eyes and I into his.

"Enjoy the ride." He said as he leaned over and placed a little kiss upon my lips. I closed my eyes as I felt are lips touching and for a minute I saw fireworks as are two tongues meet and I felt him enter inside my mouth. It was pure magic. For thirty seconds we transcended the binds of pleasure and for thirty seconds all manner of colors and sparks and lights appeared before me, finally he broke and stood up, smiled and locked the door. Leaving me trapped and strapped.

So there I sat, the tight plastic bounds restricting my movement, and above me, I could hear the buckets of slime being emptied into the tank above my head. One bucket at a time they poured the slime in. Each gallon emptied into the tank caused my heart to beat a little faster, and a little faster.

Halfway through the filling process, the tension inside the tank was soon so think, I think I could have cut it with a knife. For several long seconds the only thing I could hear was the bucket above me being filled. The confines of the booth became oddly colder. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and waited, then the door opened and in the door stood Tiffany.

"Here you go." She said reaching over and placing some swimmer goggles over my head and gently securing them in place. "Something to keep those pretty little eyes safe and sound." And with that she closed the door and latched it shut.

Then it happen, thirty seconds later a massive rain of freezing, smelly slop fell down upon my head. The smell of apples assaulted my nose, greenish hues mixed with pink and orange covered me. The freezing slop rolled down the front of my blouse. It coated my bra and my shoulders and caused me to shutter and flinch as the torrent kept rolling. The mess pooled in my lap and around my feet. The icy mess rolled into socks and started to freeze my toes.

Finally after what seemed like forever the slime finally stopped. And for a solid minute I just sat there, trying to catch my breath as I felt the slime invading every fiber of my being. The door then slowly opened and a on rush of cold early spring hair slapped me dead in the face. All eyes where now fixed on me. Lifting my head up I tried to smile.. It had been for a good cause after all.

The End.