The Way We Were

I miss the way we were
in that shitty, little apartment;
When we'd listen to beautiful music
and just lay side by side on the carpet.

I miss the way we were,
when we'd drag out that old futon mattress
and lay in in the middle of the kitchen
to shoot beer caps across the room from it.

I miss those crazy late nights,
and all the empty bottles of wine.
I even miss the drug smeared counters,
and not sleeping for days at a time.

I miss feeling like we were real
in a world that was so fake;
It was us against all odds,
but I knew we'd never break.

I miss the way we were
before we began fighting all the time;
When we were a packaged deal-
when it was always you and I.

I miss the way we were,
before we both became unhappy;
When we'd planned out our future together...
the one you'll have to live without me...

~Helen Alexandria