Golden boys are hard to find and harder still to charm.

When you know the game so well, I suppose it's difficult to be fooled by an amateur.

Appearance doesn't matter, though it helps to be tall.

It's something else, something indefinable, something that makes them glow.

Is it the ease with which they speak?

Their casual crooked smile?

Or perhaps their ability to be heard amongst a crowd?

If this were Ancient Greece, they would be the demigods.

Sons of Zeus or Poseidon beside us mere mortals.

We place them on pedestals of glory, but in the end, it is their fatal flaw which truly matters, the reason their stories exist at all.

Is it toxic masculinity? Arrogance or pride?

A flimsy personality they eventually fail to hide?

To be honest, it doesn't matter, I'll still fall for it every time.

Dream about their lips the way they never dream of mine.