As I beheld her tender and loving smile,
We hugged, beneath her tiny porch light.
Both of us bundled from the bitter cold,
While pauseing, just to say our goodnight.

Then a blast of shivering air, did us blow,
She rose up, placing silk lips to mine.
Taken with all this love, she would show,
Tiny porch light, had doubled its shine.

Just under her twinkling, soft yellow light,
Two hearts, eclipsed the tiny bulbs glow.
And with kisses beat back the frigid night,
Never sensing, the fresh falling snow.

Her perfection, so beautiful, so delicate grew,
As flush cheeks, turned pink, from snow white.
The wind tossed our hair, it pushed, and it blew,
But couldn't chill us beneath that tiny porch light.

Our passion did rise, when I looked in her eyes,
And love pressed us toward her open front door.
She passed just through, and bid me come too,
As winter clothes, fell like snow on her floor.

Her door softly closed, as the storm outside blows,
And that tiny porch light, turned off it's gold light.
But it's warmth yet lasts, and by us was surpassed,
While we kept our love aflame, through the night.