Chapter 19: Loss

I'm giving up on my dreams when I lost you. You were everything to me and we were best friends. We shared everything together, my life, my dreams, my heart and soul. There won't be anyone else after this cause I don't know where to go now. I think I am done going for walks now too, it's just too lonely out there. I'm shutting myself down, I am dead inside now. My whole world just fell apart after so long and I've built up so much. How can I share any of this with anyone else now? I even sat there alone waiting for someone knew and they forgot about me. So I guess nobody will ever care for me again, I give up.

I found this guy while I was out walking. I tied him to my bed as my heart was pounding and my anxiety was heightened. I was done in and this was my final stand. "Just one more thing to do before I end it all." I said, as I stood at the end of my bed, staring at the naked guy strapped to it. His body was tight, tan and just perfect. I've never done anything like this with a hot guy before. I just wanted one last fun before I give up. I crawled on the bed towards him and started moving my hands down his body, feeling the curves of every muscle. He was warm to the touch, smooth and sent shivers down my spine. I grabbed his dick as it got hard and starting stroking him. He moaned as I did this, and I went faster while I felt his chest at the same time. I leaned in to suck on him now, making him squirm and moan loader. Both my hands went up his chest and I grabbed his pecs. "Oh, yea!" He shouted. My hands went down his abs, then I put my arms around his legs to prop him up. I put myself on top of him and slid my dick into him. He whimpered as I started to fuck him now. My body just moved back and forth against his, each pulse just made him crazy. It felt really nice and I didn't want to stop, just wrapped up with a guy in eternal passion. A fire I will never truly get with someone who cared for me. I pounded his ass one last time, then plunged a dagger into his heart. I couldn't just let this lusting primitive live.

The horror world opened up for me again as I landed in a room full of random tables. The guys corpse just laid there on one of the tables. A strange aura filled the room as I looked around. It was something familiar, something that I had lost a long time ago. Behind me, you stood there, looking at me. Your eyes were dark and sad. You were naked and covered with dark blue symbols, diamonds and hearts. "Steve?" I said. You just nodded and came towards me. It was the you that I lost, now that you were damaged. You were just a shell now, like I was. It was time to end this horror. "Dark S." You stated. You came at me with a sword as I parried with my staff. "I loved you." I said. "I am just a memory of who I was now." You said. "You were my best friend!" I shouted. "Not anymore it seems." You said, as we both pulled away. I cast a dark bolt at you, but you jump away and try to slash me from the air. I jump back as you hit a table instead. I cast another dark bolt at you, sending you flying against the wall. You swing your sword, casting a blue wave of energy at me. I fall to the ground hard, making it hurt. "Damn you!" I shouted. I let out a hand and cast an icicle at you, piercing your left shoulder. You fall back onto one knee in pain. I get up slowly and walk towards you, pelting you with ice bolts. Your body is covered with cold ice, freezing you in place. "I'm tired of this." I said. I reach out a hand to your face as tears roll down my face. A ball of ice cold energy forms in my hand, ready to cast one last spell. "Buggies..." You say to me. "Not anymore... Soulmate..." I freeze your head with one final ice ball and shatter it. You were dead to me now. I thought we would become friends afterwards, but you were too selfish to even care anymore. Now, I would be alone in this world forever, not knowing where to go.

I just didn't know where to go anymore and gave up. This is where I would live now, in the horror world and live out each day feeling empty and lonely. No friends... No life... No love... No light... Nothing... An empty space where you once were... The darkness it seeming quite comfy now.