Chapter 2: Wandering Child

Making friends was easy for me back then. I didn't care what anyone thought of me, I didn't even care what I thought about myself, I was just exploring the world and wandering about. I don't remember much about my early school days, but I went to this Kindergym place. Just playing around and having fun and starting to make friends. The sad part is, I never kept a friend from school at all. Everyone just moved away onto their own life eventually, so having a lifelong friend was impossible. I wonder where they all are now. I wish I could go back and change many things to make life just a bit better, since things are so dark and unkown, it's scary.

Now, I am here wandering the dark streets of my city. I love this place at night, with al the street lights up, and the dark atmosphere. I don't know why, but I always felt more alive at night, and around Halloween. Like I am meant to be in the darkness then. Oh well, I guess I'll have to get used to it then. Perhaps when it gets too dark, the stars will come out. I've always believed in that, even when it gets too heavy to deal with. I still have doubts, I can't see the stars in the sky with all the street lights on anymore.

The night was cold, as a chilly breeze caressed my face. I grabbed the zipper of my jacket and pulled the top part over my nose, as I usually do. I walked down that main street of Exmouth to the downtown area. I loved it down here, lots of shops, lights and the park is just behind it. I remember this one place downtown where mom used to work when I was little. It was always at night, in this orange lit tunnel between a couple of buildings. There was a circular staircase outside made of cement that spiraled down to this music store. It was really cool how it was made, the lights of the store opening up as you went down revealing a neon sign of a piano. It must have been hard for mom to work like this and have to take me out to look after me. I'm sure I behaved myself, I thought it was like an adventure. I walked passed the place, but it all felt different now. Things change and I never feel like I did when I was a kid. It was sad, I wanted to feel that magic again. Maybe that's why I want this love so much, to feel something magical.

I came to the traffic light and stopped at the corner as the light turned red. I look around the darkness and no cars were in sight. I just went across anyways, a cold breeze coming in from the waterfront to my right. I glanced over to the park and looked for anyone that might be passing by. That park was where the Christmas lights were always set up in the winter. I loved that place, but I never go there to see the lights anymore. Why does everything have to end?

Further I wandered into the night, my thoughts to myself and dark houses on the right as I walked down the sidewalk. I look up and see a guy come towards me. I just look down and keep going as we pass eachother. From what I could tell, he was pretty cute, tall, thin athletic build. I looked back at him and he looked back at me too. I didn't know what to do, so I kept walking. What if just thought I was wierd? I looked again and he looked back again too. I got nervous and just kept going, I didn't know what to say. Do I wave? Do I just stop and walk towards him now to say hello? I never know how these things work. I'm hopeless. A sadness suddenly started rising in my heart and couldn't breathe. I wanted a meeting to happen, but it never did. I was tired of it, tired of this stupid life.

I turned around to face him, trying to feel as confident as I can. I start walking back towards the guy, my arms stiff at my side, a little nervous. I could only hear the sound of my feet against the pavement, the anticipation of approching the guy is killing me. I look up and notice he had stopped and is looking at me now. I smirk a bit as I get closer to him. He waves at me and smiles. Something inside me builds up and I get really angry all of a sudden. I knew this would never end well anyways. "Hey there." He said, just as I shot out my arm, my flesh melding together creating a pointed weapon, stabbing him right in the chest all the way through. His mouth opened as blood came pouring out and spilling onto the cement. I smiled as I watched him fall over forward limp on my arm. I pulled out and let his dead body collapse into his own pool of blood. I didn't care anymore, I knew this guy only wanted one thing, and it wasn't something I was into. These deviants are all the same, I can read them well. My vision went blurry as I started to traverse the realms of reality once again. The pool of blood transported me to the Horror World again, only this time I was in the middle of a forest.

My arm was dripping blood as I stoof there looking up at the night sky. Trees surrounded me, dressed with naked baby dolls staring at me. A doll head falls off a tree and lands near my feet. I look down at it and it had a knife in it's head. I bent over to pick it up and examine it. "Nice." I said, as I dropped it back to the forest floor. I loved the smell of the forest, it was wet and musty. A thick dark fog rolled through, hiding the dolls from my view, but I knew they were still there, watching me. I started my way through the dark foggy forest, searching for a way out and just enjoying the creepy scenery. I came to a small bridge, layed across a small river rushing through. I stopped to look down the river and all I could see was the dark fog, a void of nothingness. I suddenly heard a laughter in the distance. A laughter of a small child. I prepared myself for whatever was in this forest and looked deep into the dark forest ahead.

I faintly see a shiny object come through the fog. It pierced the dark veil like a cutrain, revealing to be a sharp knife, held by a small child, peering through the blackness. It giggled as it ran towards me. I step back and stumble, falling onto the ground. Before I could do anything the small being was already on top of me wielding two small blades. It didn't hesitate to stab me in the chest, over and over again. Blood was spraying everywhere, I couldn't move. I turn my head to see another two of them come after me and start stabbing me everywhere. It was like the kids at school taunting me. The boys I had a crush on were all over me, hurting me, rejecting me, making me bleed. I could do nothing but lay there in pain, wanting it to all just end. I wish I kept a friend in school, but I never did. Over and oer again they would stab me until I bled out. The river below me turned red, the redness from my heart just left me dead, flowing into a dark abyss. Why didn't I ever keep a friend?