I don't know when did it start.

Fireworks are everywhere when you're around.

Looking afar, it always makes me wonder,

Is this thing truly real?

Things got worse, each and everyday.

I kept falling and falling,

And I kept holding and hoping,

That this thing meant something.

Confuse and sad, I don't know what to do.

I kept thinking, "When will you notice it?"

Gotta admit, I'm under its spell.

Are you too? Oh, well...

Content and happy? Yes. Or maybe...

Can't count the days like the stars in the sky.

If I'm like this forever, then it needs to die.

Because this thing, it's just hopeless and lonely.

They say it's a good thing to have it.

Maybe to others, not for me.

Maybe to everybody, but not for us.

Because this thing, few humans can make it last.

So, I made this for you.

This little poem you'll never know.

These secrets and feelings you never knew,

Will be kept hidden to the deepest part of my soul.