She's a seventeen-year-old girl who's young and free.

Dreams to travel the whole world for her to see.

A child at heart, full of hopes and dreams.

Excited to fly, to spread her big wings.

She sees life bright like a sun.

She sees love that it's happy and fun.

Unexpectedly, she falls in love to a man she shouldn't be.

Tried to control her feelings, but she's so in love deeply.

Now, she learns that life is sometimes hard.

That it comes to the point that you're already tired.

She realized that life isn't really easy.

And love isn't just counting one, two, three.

She feels happy, then the next day, she's crying.

She's miserable, then the next day, she's already laughing.

Trying to look at the bright side,

She prays to God, sorry if sometimes she can't make things right.

Truthfully, she's scared of love and life.

Believing he is the man destined for her,

If he's not, then she'll try hard and make it true.

Love is mystical yet powerful.

She'll not give up, she'll prove life and love can be so wonderful.