Epilogue -



Louis slams his hands against the nearest wall of FBI HQ shedding tears. He pounds the wall with his fists. He leans with the other hand.

He lost his son and Dark Fox's responsible. Everyone sadly, tries comforting him.

He talks to himself and tear shed continues, "I can't believe that Dark Fox escaped with my son."

Elena walks toward him and pats his shoulder, "Calm down or you'll feel my boot camp wrath. Everyone else, except Christopher and your white foxes, thinks the same." She tries being sympathetic, but doesn't know how in any grieving situation.

Louis shrugs her hand off his shoulder, turns around and pushes her to the ground, "No, you calm down! My son's in danger."

She looks into his eyes, "We just want what's best for you."

Louis screams, "Liar."

Christopher walks toward him and whispers in his ear, "Go and get Dark Fox, White Fox, and make his skin crawl. Hope you get your son back."

Louis turns, nods and calls his six white foxes by their names, "Diane, Benjamin, Kyle, Amy, Geoffrey and Rebecca come with me, we have work to do."

He and the white foxes race into the FBI car. He thrusts the gas pedal to the floor and it burns rubber and takes off. The white foxes obediently lie down in the seats or the floor. Diane and Benjamin are in the front with him, there isn't enough room in the back.

He drives through many curbs, across sidewalk corners and the passengers, every curb, would fly from their seats. The white foxes growl silently and grumble as well. They see a gray, speedy Pontiac and see a child looking from the window with fear. Suddenly, a hand drags him back to his seat and they assume the inevitable.

Eventually, He and the six white foxes see and reach a reasonable distance between Dark Fox to see if his son is alive.

Dark Fox taps Louis Junior's shoulder, "Show your dad that you're alive or we'll eat you. You're my ticket to either money or food."

Louis Jr. turns toward the back window and slams his palms against the glass. He screams loudly, "Daddy, save me."

Dark Fox thrusts his hand in front of his mouth and pulls him back into his seat, "You'll sit down and obey me, unless you wanna let my six dark foxes decide for you."

Louis speeds up and with determination as the six white foxes brace themselves.

Dark Fox commands Dr. Halo, "Speed up this piece of shit or I'll slit your throat, Dean."

Dr. Halo speeds up.

Dark Fox equips his cell phone and dials Louis' number. "White Fox, turn around and return to FBI HQ or I'll eat him.

"When you reach HQ, we'll discuss the ransom over the phone, unless you'd rather him be dinner."

Louis replies, "I'll do anything, just don't kill him."

Junior takes the phone from Dark Fox and pleads with fear, "Dad, don't leave me."

Louis replies, "I won't let anything happen to you."

"Daddy, I love you. You can do it. I believe in you."

"I love you, too. Thanks for having faith."

Dark Fox takes the phone from Junior and screams, "You've talked enough! We'll continue later when you arrive. I'll wait before giving you the ransom demands." He disconnects the phone.

White Fox turns the car around and returns to FBI HQ in defeat, while Dark Fox drinks a swig of blood from his water bottle to celebrate.

I can't believe he beat me, thought Louis, and is driving off with my son that I love, but barely know.

To be continued in… Dark Fox.