Play idea: "In a parallel universe, we would be together."

Girl goes on a date to a concert – standing room only – with an average-looking shmo. They have a relatively good time, but no incredible sparks of passion or kinship. Just two nice people out on a nice date on a nice night. The girl does, however, share a moment with the lead guitar player of the band. He smiles at her, she waves at him. He waves back. It's incredible, like they've known each other for years. She begins to "heckle" the band by yelling ridiculously long song suggestions like "Free Bird" and "Stairway to Heaven." Now, the concert is more important than the date. She goes wild dancing to all the songs. When the show is over, the boy and the girl part ways amicably at the venue's door. The girl walks down the driveway of the parking lot to her car… When suddenly clouds gather, and what seems to be a lightning storm starts. While the night sky turns to chaos, a large swirling oval-shaped window appears in the sky. It lowers to the ground, and we see nothing on the other side but a bright rose gold light. The girl is drawn to the light a moth to a flame, and she enters the portal saying, "In a parallel universe, we would be together."

Down the "rabbit hole" she falls until she lands on a bright green lawn. She wakes-up and a very attractive man, the lead guitar player, is helping her up from the lawn. There is an old-fashioned push mower next to her. The man picks her up, and she says. "What happened? Where am I? Why am I so sweaty?" And the man says, "You must have fainted from dehydration while pushing the lawn mower, Honey. It's a hot a summer day, you should have a water bottle outside with you."

Girl: Do I know you?

Man: I should think so… We've known each other since forever. Plus, I'm your fiancé.

Girl: What happened to Bobby?

Man: Bobby? Our roadie? He's on vacation, enjoying Acapulco. Don't you remember?

Girl: No… The last thing I remember was the concert… And storm… And the swirling clouds…

Man: That was last night… And this morning, you woke-up in a frenzy, saying the lawn desperately needed mowing… You've been outside for 3 hours now… It's lunch time. You're thirsty and hungry, and the hot sun is a bitch. Let's go inside.

[He leads her inside the house.]

The rest of the play is a parallel universe where the Girl is engaged to the lead guitar player, yet there is trouble in paradise. At first, she feels blessed and lucky to have landed such an in-demand, talented, hunk. However, like most rock stars, he is consumed by the love of his art, despite being a genuinely caring individual. And yet, when Bobby gets back from Alcapulco, she can't help but be drawn to his simple, kind, no frills nature.

The twist is the lead guitar player is an old friend of hers from high school, in both universes. In our universe, he is the one who got away. And now that she has him in the parallel universe, it turns out growing-up together and knowing each other does not equal really seeing each other truthfully. Their history together blankets the fact that he has her up on a pedestal as his muse, and she feels her own strengths and talents are stifled by his. Bobby brings out the best in her, despite being somebody new and far less glamorous. She must learn to let go of regrets, to accept that dreams can only take you so far, and that reality is far better than it seems.

She kisses Bobby outside her fiancé's concert, and when she accepts her newfound love for him, the portal opens (the same way as earlier), and she returns home… Outside the concert venue, in our universe, she takes her cell phone from her purse and calls Bobby.

Girl: Hey, Bobby. Our first date was super exciting. I had fun! Maybe on the next one, we can go someplace a bit quieter, like the Attic Space, and get to know each other better. (Referencing to a café they visited in the parallel universe.) Ok, can't wait until the next time we meet! Good night!