Written 04/06/2015

The Cursed Steps

When Ailia went down the cursed steps, she didn't know they were cursed. That fact led her to her doom.

Ailia went to a school that had a large amount of steps. There were long flights, short flights, skinny steps, and wide steps, and extra, extra wide steps. But there, on the bottom floor, stuck in a broom closet, was a long flight of stairs that went into the basement. No one knew what was down there, but no one tried going down, either. The legend always made them hesitate and recoil...

Back when Grace Academy was still a young school, a man named Damien built a set of stairs leading to a storage basement. When he was finished, he went down to do some last minute fixups. He never came back up. Some people say he just hid there until everyone left, and then came up and went about his business like nothing happened. Experts know the real story. Ten years later, they shone a flashlight down and saw a mangled skeleton and a knife at the bottom. All of its bones were snapped. Someone went down to investigate, but he didn't come back up, either. Now, Damien's ghost hovers over where he died, waiting to kill his next victim in the same way he was.

Ailia never believed it, but she still didn't dare go near the closet. One day, she was at a school sleepout for a sort of "field trip." She and her friends went over to the broom closet. Someone had opened it, and now they were staring down the stairs at a stray bone that had been revealed in the light.

"I dare you to go down there, Ailia," her friend Zilla teased.

"Yeah. I double-dog dare you," Achlys said, smiling slyly.

"Why don't you go down yourself?" Ailia retorted. What happened to her friends?

"We'll come down after you. Just go. We're coming as soon as you hit the bottom," Zilla reassured her. Ailia took the first step down and shivered. Halfway down, she started glowing faintly. Zilla and Achlys looked at each other. Ailia kept going down. She prayed silently to the Lord to give her courage. But when she set her foot down on the bottom step, she hesitated.

"Go on! We'll be down as soon as you touch the floor!" Achlys called down. Ailia paused a moment longer before she stepped down one more, but she did. As soon as her foot brushed the dirt, she was grabbed and her bones were snapped brutally. Ailia looked up at her friends. They weren't human anymore, though. In their place, there were two demons snarling down at her. "What did you do to my friends?!" Ailia gasped.

"Oh, but we are your friends," the first demon grinned coyly. Suddenly, all the names made sense. Damien, Achlys, Zilla. And then her own name made its way into her realization before she took her last breath...

The light that met eternal darkness.

Ailia - light

Zilla - shadow

Achlys - darkness

Damien - devil