How unfair, how so selfish, the love is.

Though faraway,

It can only see, the one and only,

It desires to be with.

It only see,

What it wants to see,

Doesn't have a damn care,

What's around it.

So selfish, so foolish,

Blinded by the crimson light,

It cannot see,

What it needs to see.

When will it see it?

When will it hear,

That distant figure,

That faraway voice.

Behind it,

Behind it,

Oh, behind it.

Why it can't feel?

Its passionate presence,

Its pure feelings,

When it is always around it?

It's trying to reach it.

It's trying to call it.

It's trying to grab it.

But it always fails.

Love is torture and is painful.

It cannot see, what it should see.

It cannot feel,

What it should feel.

It cannot hear,

That one voice,

That's trying to reach it,

From behind.

That poor soul,

Whose existence,

Will never be loved.