(T-66) TURNS 0: Gamak & Blaynk, The FYT Begins...Next TURN!

"Beginning UT test, number 66. Testers: Gamak and Blaynk."

A silhouetted adult stood across a table with lit-up light lines from a sitting teen, lit up from a lamp behind him.

"Are you ready Blaynk?" Asked the adult.

"…Ready." The teen answered, now known as Blaynk.

"Okay…" The adult said as he lifts his right hand into the air to point at Blaynk "…do you remember the basics?"

"Of course." Answered Blaynk.

"Good. But just to be sure, let's go over the zones, where we place our cards, alright?" The adult asked, smiling slightly.

"No need. I already know where everything goes." Said Blaynk.

"Oh really?" the adult said cheekily as he leaned on his left, limpish hand while smirking "Prove it."

"…Fine then." Blaynk said before raising & then slamming his left hand on the bottom most right Zone before pointing at it "This is the Deck-Zone where the Deck, made up of at least 50 cards, goes." Blaynk then points at the upper left-most Zone. "This is the Limbo-Zone where the Limbo, made up of any amount of Union-Kind and Contact-Kind Units go." Blaynk says before continuing by pointing at the Zone above the Deck-Zone "This is the Ward-Zone where all the defeated, Cast, offered, discarded, and scraped cards go." Blaynk then points at the Zone above the Limbo-Zone. "This is the Otherworld-Zone where all the banished cards go. It's also known as the OW." Blaynk said before quickly swiping right from the Limbo-Zone to the Deck-Zone "These are the Action-Zones, where Action Cards are placed and therefore played by Casting them." Blaynk immediately swiped left from the Ward-Zone to the OW-Zone. "And these are the Unit-Zones, where Unit Cards are place and played by Calling them." Blank said before staring at Blaynk intensely "Each player, no, each Tactician has each of those Zones. However…" Blaynk raises his left hand over his side of the playmat. "…both the Unit & Action Zones, along with the next two Zones, make up the Battlefield, also known as the BF!" Blaynk stated as he slowly raised his left hand above his head as his eyes darkened "And finally…" His left eye turns a dragonic white before he slams his hand onto the Zones between their Battlefields. "…the Area-Zone, the one Zone that all Tacticians share, is the only Zone that Area-Type Actions can be played." Blaynk declared, still glaring at the adult as silence filled the room.

The silence was finally broken by the clapping of the adult, who had his eyes closed as he smirked. "Very good." The adult said, opening his eyes to stare at Blaynk "Now we can begin the FYT."

"Finally." Thought Blaynk.

"To start, we place the top seven cards of our Decks into our Hands." The adult said as he did as he said.

"Don't act as if I don't know what drawing is Gamak." Blaynk said annoyed as he drew 7 cards before he looked at him one-eyed "And you forgot about Redrawing." Blaynk then rests his right hand before resting his head on his left hand. "You know, that thing we can do right before the FYT starts, but right after we draw our Starting Hands…" Blaynk continued before pointing at Gamak's Hand "…where we can shuffle any cards in our Starting Hands back into our Deck before drawing the same amount again." Blaynk looked back at Gamak as he asked "Or did you forget about that?"

"No, but you explained it before I could didn't you?" the adult said, now known as Gamak, as he shuffled 2 cards & Blaynk to growl in annoyance "And now…" Gamak drew 2 cards before stating "…we have to decide who goes first."

"Yeah yeah, I know. We each show 1 card in our Hand and whoever showed the Unit with the most BP and GP total gets to choose the order of turns. However, Actions don't have any Points. So therefore, if we both showed an Action or if both of our Units are equal in Points, each Tactician has to show another card." Blaynk stated matter-of-factly.

"Wow, you really remembered the rules." Gamak said impressed.

Blaynk crossed his arms & looked away before saying "Of course I do. We've done this 65 times already."

"Then you also remembered that there's no hand limit?" Gamak said, crossing his own arms & looking at Blaynk cheekily.

"…Let's just start already." Blaynk said, still not looking at Gamak.

"Sure then. I'll show {Katherine Shair}." Gamak said as he shows the said card "3000 total."

"I'll show {Doctor Fanamach}." Blaynk said before turning to look at Gamak, showing the said card "3500 total."

"Looks like you choose the order then, I guess." Said Gamak.

"You go first. That way we can finish the basics faster." Said Blaynk.

"Ah. Okay then, I guess. Let's…" Gamak said grinning.

"…FYT!" declared Gamak & Blaynk.


Katherine Shair

Rank: 4

Core: AIR


BP: 1500

GP: 1500

Doctor Fanamach

Rank: 6

Core: AIR


BP: 0

GP: 3500