Okay, this is a quick update of sorts.

There hasn't been a new chapter for a while because I was redoing Basic Entrance, the pack this story uses/was based on, which included taking out card & just charging cards.

Yeah, if anyone who reads this didn't know, I've actually made the cards you've seen in this story so far plus cards in my second pack, Mechanical Mania. All 126 of them…plus 72.

Anyways, now that I've got Basic Entrance redesigned (mostly text so far) & even went through the rulebook again, I can work on the story again. However, I'll still prioritize my college work & I'm working on the storyline, so don't expect a chapter yet. Originally, Test-66 had an underlined story, but I decided to not focus on it yet because I wanted to figure the FYT script mostly. I was going to rewrite the chapters after finishing the story, but lately I realized I can just type down outlines without putting much "effort" into them that can clean up & even add stuff to hopefully boost the quality.

I'll put up a link for my Discord if you want to the current redesigned cards. However, I don't "update" it much because I'm usually busy working on those kind of updates.

Thanks to those who have read & continue to read this story. If you have any questions relating to my game or this story, don't be afraid to ask. I'll try to answer your questions as fast as possible, if any, & I'll see you all later.