Nyaro, minna-san. This is Marionette Kuromi. Here, you'll see my story before I met my friends in Gurenn and became Mari Kuro. This is the story of my past as Marion Haruyama.

I used to think that my weirdness was wrong according to the people I've encountered, but slowly I realized that trying to get rid of my weirdness would cost me a lot. I try to do what was expected of a normal person and I was manipulated. I became a toy, a puppet... a marionette. Well, I do refer to myself as a marionette, but I cut my strings, and never again let anyone decide for me what I should be.

Author's Note: To anyone reading this, Marion is a separate character from me, though I made him similar to me. Most of the contents of this story is fictional.

This story and all of the other following Dream Stream Origins stories are events prior to my main manga series called Dream Stream. If you want to know more about the characters, feel free to visit my pages in social media sites, mostly Facebook.