On an unexpectedly cloudy day of April, as this young Isaac was emptying his locker before leaving his highschool, he found what seemed to be a grey notebook laying on top of his stacked books and portfolios.. He raised one brow in doubt: "This is fishy..", he thought, as the notebook clearly wasn't his.. He looked around him, and found no one in sight.. He was the last one in the building other than the faculty members and the maintenance staff, everyone else left in a hurry as to not get caught in the awaited rain, so he had no clue to who was the one to put it there or how anyone was actually able to open his locker as it was intact and undamaged..

Being the sceptical guy he was, he took all of his belongings and left the notebook there, planning not to use his locker and not to take that notebook or even look at it until it is anonymously taken just like it was put inside his locker, or until he figures out his owner and gives it back to them..

Several days have passed since then, and whenever Isaac checked his locker, the notebook was still there.. He hung up a poster about a "lost" grey notebook, but no one called to claim it.. The situation irritated him, and he couldn't come up with any other solution..

Thus, he decided to take it home and read it wholly, he thought it may give away the name of the owner, and on the other hand, he was suspicious as to why it was in HIS locker? One would instantly think it was put for him to read.. If that was the case, then why him? He wasn't much of a popular guy, not that many friends.. All in all, no clear reason for him to be "the chosen one" for whatever this prank was all about..

He shook his head off these swarming futile thoughts, reached out to the grey hand length object, and opend it to the first page.. Blank.. The second page.. Also blank.. "Weird", he thought to himself..

The third page though, was fully covered in black ink, the format resembled that of a diary, and it read the following:


26th September,

My birthday was yesterday, quite THE day for my family, even though I didn't want it to be..

They were smiling to me, singing joyfullg and laughing hardly, all excited for my 19th birthday..

It felt.. strange.. as if this whole atmosphere was wrong and out of place.. I found their faces so creepy;

Why are they this happy? I am certainly not! Why is this day so big of a deal for them?

It felt so eerie, to the point where I forgot how to smile back to them, and that I needed to blow off the candles after the countdown.. Why making it so special? Nothing about me is! I'm just a heavy burden, why celebrate it? I just don't get it..


"That was an odd intro..", Isaac whispered, "Why would someone start their diary with the day that follows their birthday? And why would they be feeling this way?.."

Isaac read that page over and over again.. "The handwriting seemed a little bit shaky but precise at the same time, as if the writer didn't actually take time to think about what to write at all, but was still uneasy when writing..", he pondered.. He wasn't quite sure why was he interpreting the handwriting this way, but he was just following his instinct.. What instinct though? He didn't know, he sympathized alot with whomever wrote this.. He rememberd having always wished for his parents to celebrate his birthday even once, and how he experienced a very traumatic and painful event in the process, one that scarred him for life..

With that memory, sadness overwhelmed him..

Author's notes: I don't really know where I'll be going with this xD I just felt like trying something new, and I didn't think much about it but directly dived into writing, that's why the summary and the title can be changed at any given time, I may even update this chapter in the future.. Feedbacks are always appreciated, but it'd be better if you don't expect much of this story hehehe..