In This Silence.

We're bird bones floating in the sea,
but we want to be the galaxies leading
the way into infinity, I hold myself
toward you and there's a safety, a
warmth that transcends good and evil.

There's a fragility to our laughter,
it breaks on the salt that trails from our
bad luck and the chains that were meant to
be love, we'd gotten used to being punished,
to pretend we had learned how to let go.

Forgive me if I tremble when I'm around
you, my very foundations bending into once
impossible ways to embrace you, in such
extraordinary and simple existence, I am
humbled by the way you think, love and dream.

Hold me close, hold me tight, and still
we never lose our shape, the colors we have
made paint a palette of many years which have
been spent kindly, there's no need for words,
we close our eyes and find forever in this silence.