I thought everything was under my control,

Not until you came along.

Here I am, stuck in this familiar place,

A place I thought I have abandoned.

The clouds, the whole sky is turning pinkish red again.

Butterflies in my stomach, sparkles are everywhere.

My heart once again, cannot be tame,

And you're the one to be blamed.

Every little thing is starting to turn upside down,

Yet here you are, calmly standing in front of me,

Unaffected by this calamity.

The calamity and affliction you have brought upon me.

And I'm starting to feel the pain,

Bewilderment and emptiness,

A second love that cannot be gain,

Oh, seriously, I'm in a huge mess.

You're not in my plan nor in my list,

Yet how come you are there,

You popped out of nowhere,

Like the dust in a quiet gentle breeze.

Never thought I would like the way you smoke,

And the way you carefully and quietly talk.

How you lit your white cigarette, by the way,

Reminds me of how you lit my calm heart, and took my bored soul away.

You're a whirlwind, a whirlpool,

Or a storm in my quiet afternoon.

You're very mysterious to me,

And I am very invisible to you.

I know nothing can be gain from this,

So, I need to stop, yet this heart is doing the opposite.

Yeah, I'm still falling way down there,

Gotta admit, in the love pit.

Oh, please, don't laugh at this,

Nor at this poor soul.

Because I am having a hard time, I am suffering,

While you, there in your own world,

You are laughing and enjoying.

As I try to forget you and everything,

Hear me out, I'm bidding my goodbye.

Though, this feelings don't easily fade away,

Slowly but surely, I know it will, someday.

Just want to properly end it or quietly convey this right,

Through letters, stanzas and words,

This one-sided love that have bloomed on that gloomy starless night.


If ever, even just a little...

If I have a chance,

I want to be by your side,

I want to be your escape,

Be your paradise.

Because you are my wonderwall.