Throbbing Feelings

It feels so empty,

It feels so lonely,

Without you.

Every minute last so long,

And you don't know,

How much I yearned for you.

Sadness started to cloak me,

Shadows swallowed my heart completely,

Where are you?

I'm dying to know,

I'm feeling down right now,

Oh, please tell me.

Because I don't know what to do,

All I could think was you,

Oh, please I beg you.

Cast a spell on me,

Bewitch me,

Oh my darling, and my fantasy.

Make the pain go away,

Dry the tears in my eyes,

Stop the throb in my heart.

Kill me softly,

Drain the blood in me,

Wholeheartedly, rip my heart out.

You own this living thing,

I'm giving it to you,

You decide what to do.