This is a little something I wrote in class. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, September 9

I should be the main character. I should! I'm so much better than the one now.

I have all the traits of a protagonist!

My hair is a bright unnatural colour, pink, to be specific. I have a tragic backstory that's totally not generic and I'm crazy powerful!

But, all my dreams were crushed. Because of him.

The Narrator.

Instead of being in the spotlight, I'm stuck as a lowly extra! I don't even have any lines!

It's outrageous! A crime! Unlawful!

There's only one thing I can do. Kill the Main Character!

Once he's gone, the Narrator will have no choice but to give me his spot!

I have it all planned out. After one of his righteous victories, I'll get him drunk and take him to a back alley to do the deed!

I'll kill him, and become the Main Character!

Okay, so I was thinking about posting a second chapter for this, if it looks like people enjoyed it. It'll be what happens after.