People always told me that dreams were only for sleeping, it normally is true, but there is one dream that sticks inside my mind forever.

It's about a strange figure that stuff facing away from the light, causing a halo of light to surround it. It would came close and closer everytime, but then everytime I wake up, it disappears. I would sometimes reach hand out for it and it would reach a small delicate hand towards me too. I only assumed that it was a girl.

Everytime she got closer and closer, I could see a new feature of her. Sometimes it was her hair out at l arm, but I never saw her face.

I say in my class with my friend Andrew, sitting a few seats down from me. He shot a goofy smile my way. I laughed and then returned my attention back to my teacher at the front of the room. The teacher also happened to be my legal guardian, my aunt, after my parents died in the car accident.