So I'm doing a writing contest and I want to know what you all think before I go and insert this, is it good? honestly I'm super proud of it and I want to know what others think so read and reply to me what you think, it would help a bunch thanks.

Some time ago… in a cabin, deep in the woods lived a man.

This man lived here alone for a very long time for reasons he keeps buried deep in his heart, but the seeds of depression sprout and bloom quickly, and he felt its claws grasp him quickly as his dark space grew.

Before his final decision was reached he was confronted by a being, Tall and lanky, its body was that which consisted of tar that oozed down its frame with just a plain smile, it looked at the man now old with age as he sat in a rocking chair.

"Hello." it said, the man gave no response.

"I'll cut right to the chase then, why are you here?" it said, its voice like that of a small child asking an innocent question, the man looked around at the dark that was all around him.

"Because I failed" was his simple response, the lanky creature slouched a bit.

"How?" it asked in an innocent tone, the man was already discontent, he didn't feel the need to answer such Questions.

After a moment of silence the being spoke again "you blame yourself for simple mistakes, is that it?"

The old man didn't respond.

"No? But here you are, and now 'we' speak." it said making an emphasis on we.

"And who are you?" asked the elderly man, the being pulled a small frown "you don't recognize me? Then you are not ready, please remember me before you go, it will be better for you in the end" it said as it started to walk off, and once again the elderly man was left to ponder things alone.

'What does that even mean, this makes no sense' he said to himself now making an effort to remember, but when has he ever met a monster?

A time even longer ago…

There was a couple that loved nature and would always go out hiking and exploring, they were as happy as any pair could be.

They laughed together, and loved each other, so very much, and one day they decided they wanted to start a family, there love only grew from that point onward.

"One more expedition, come on, we won't be able to do this for much longer, so one last adventure" begged the man, his wife thought it over a moment.

"I see your point there, alright, before we gotta give up on being 'the brave explorer pair'" they chuckled at the nickname a friend had labeled them as.

And so they were off, to explore the unknown, without fear, without hesitation, but when they returned and the moment of truth was at hand, it had turned out that the wife had come in contact with a rare disease, that killed the mother, and the yet to be born daughter.

Present day…

"I should have known this is where you came from…" said the elderly man, as he stood in front of a mirror, in his reflection there stood in its lanky frame, the creature.

"It seems obvious now… can't believe i didn't see it sooner" said the man, the creature was frowning as it stepped out of the mirror.

"You still do not remember?" said the creature in a sad tone, the man was now confused.

"What do you mean? You are me, you are what i am, are you not?" he referred to the monster, the creature slouched a bit to see into the man's eyes "your eyes, they are clouded and tired, more so than mine, please, take a moment to sleep and think."

It motioned to the bed behind him, he did as he was told and slept.

Some time ago…

His wife was in surgery, they couldn't figure out what was wrong or what was even happening, they had never seen something like this before, the man fought desperately to see his wife, but they would not let him through.

"Let me in! Let me in! That's my wife!" he yelled and screamed, the men holding him back pleaded for him to stay calm.

"I need to see my wife!" he yelled, just then a surgeon left the room and as the door opened and closed he saw her, for a brief moment but he saw her, and running down the operating table, was what looked like a black slime…

Present day…

The man now stood outside, his cabin behind him, and the creature in front of him still frowning.

"Your my Wife, covered in whatever that stuff was… aren't you" he said sadly "you came back to take me to hell i presume? After all i did kill you, seems fitting" The creature shook its head, it did not smile.

"You have one last chance to remember,time is running out…" said the creature as it walked off, down a path that led to a lake nearby, the old man retreated into his cabin to rest his head.

Some time ago…

There sat the man, looking down the hallway where the guards had stopped him, he'd sat there for what felt like hours, waiting for them to tell him that his wife would be ok.

The longer they took the more his fear grew, like a balloon being inflated until it popped, it was killing him not knowing what was happening to his wife.

And finally he got his answer, and finally the balloon popped, when they carted out a black lump of slime inside of a clear baggy, he knew what that black lump must have been, it had to be, it could only be…

Present day…

The man stood in front of the lake and standing there over the water was that hunched black form, that creature made of god knows what, the man stayed silent, his head hanging low, until he spoke.

"I know who you are… you never stood a chance did you… my sweet little girl…" he looked up, tears streamed down his face as he said these things.

"You did it…" said the creature as it stepped forward, the black tar like substance started to drip off it faster and faster.

"You finally remembered, now we can go free" its face revealed a young girl, in a stainless white dress, with long white hair.

"But… before I go… can you answer one last thing for me… what's my name? What's my name daddy?" she said looking up to her father tears welling in her eyes.

"Claire… my... sweet little girl, you name is Claire." said the elderly man as he fell forward to embrace his daughter for the last time… at least in this world.