I am a commodity

Buy me like a diamond ring

Just a product to look at lust after

I strive for smiles, attention, and laughter

I try to be perfect, but just to make a profit

This is the existance you've led me to

Trying to be good enough for you

But I'm just human

I think you forget that

Sometimes I forget too,

Trying to be perfect for you

Cause I'm a commodity

You pay to get close to me

You pay tring to know me

But you don't really want to know

You only want what you want to see

And I know that

How could I not

I'm just a product to you

An animal in a zoo

But you say it's my fault

For pursuing this

I should've known what it came with

And your claims are unfair

But you don't really care

I'm other

You don't care if you smother

Me and who I want to be

I'm just a commodity