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My name is Annabeth Lily Tracy, and this is only the beginning of my story. My day started out as it normal would for a NCIS Special Agent who barely gets any sleep because of nightmares/visions. I am the third child out of twelve children born to Former NCIS/MI6 Special Agent Emily Raven Tracy and ex astronaut turned billionaire Jason Richard Tracy. I am the twin sister of NCIS Special Agent Eric Seth Tracy and I am twenty-four years old. Me and Eric was born in London, England on the day of 12th in the month of March in the year of 1994 when my mother, Emily Raven Tracy was a MI6 Agent and my father, Jason Richard Tracy was still an astronaut for NASA. Oh, great, I am so very sorry. I got a little bit carried talking about my family when I would have been telling my story. As I was saying before I got a little bit carried away, my day had started out as it normally would for a NCIS Special Agent who barely gets any sleep because of my night terrors and it started at 4:37 in the morning at my apartment in the State of Virginia near the Washington Navy yard NCIS office where I work with Katrina Jane Riveria's team for the past five years since I was given a job by the Director of NCIS, Richard Jared Lightwood.

I, Annabeth Lily Tracy, had taken a very deep breath as I thought to myself the following words, I have been having these nightmares/visions a little bit too much of late. I am going to call my twin brother to tell him since I know that he has to be awake right now as well since he does help with the Special Ops team in Los Angeles as well as the rest of our family with their special team called the Thunderravens also known as International Rescue. Just as I thought that, my cellphone started to ring, and I looked at the screen and smiled at the sight of my twin brother's name. I had immediately answered it with the following words, "Hello, loveable twin brother of mine. What is up?"

I had immediately heard my twin brother, Eric Seth Tracy, take a very deep breath as he said to me, "Annabeth, I would have thought that you would be sleeping right now, sister. What is the matter this time, loveable twin sister of mine?"

I took a very deep breath before I answered Eric's question with my best calm voice, "I am still having nightmares/visions, Eric. They are getting worst and worst every year. I do not know if I would talk to our father about them or not?"

Five minutes later, Eric Seth Tracy said to me with his best calming voice, "Everything is going to be all right, Annabeth. When did you start having these nightmares/visions?"

I, Annabeth Lily Tracy opened my dream journal and immediately said with a look of shock on my face, "They started on the night of the avalanche that killed our mother, Eric!"

I immediately was shocked to see that Eric had decided to video chat with me this early in the day and he stared at me in shock as he said to me, "Oh, my goodness, Annabeth. You look like you have not sleep in years!"

I looked right back at him as I started to cry as I said to him, "Be nice to me, please, Eric!"

Immediately my twin brother realized his mistake as he very quickly said to me as he watched me cry, "I am sorry, loveable twin sister of mine! Do you want me to patch you through to our father, by any chance?"

I nodded my head as he tried not to start crying himself and fifteen minutes later, our father, Jason Richard Tracy, said to the both of us with a worried look on his face, "What is the matter, you two?" I immediately looked up and said to him with tears still rolling down my face, "Dad, I want to come home!"

My twin brother and our dad shared a look of shock as our father said to me with a look of understanding on his face, "I think that you will have to wait for Lady Jane and Kevin over at NCIS Headquarters because they are also picking up Alexander, Jack Sen McKnight, Cassandra and Maya Jenna Ford from their school for spring break today. I wish that I could pick you up, sweetheart but me and the rest of your family have a recuse mission to perform right now, all right."

I nodded in understanding as I said to our father, "I have missed you, Dad and I understand. I was kind of hoping to see Daniel."

Our father took a very deep breath as he waved over Daniel who immediately stared at me in shock as he said, "Annabeth, what is the matter?"

Our father gives Daniel a hug as I finally said to them both, "I am still having nightmares/visions, guys. They are getting worst and worst every year."

That got both our father and Daniel to immediately say to me with sad looks on their faces, "Annabeth, we will talk to you about this later. Can you talk to Director Richard Jared Lightwood and your team leader, Katrina Jane Rivera when you get inside of NCIS Headquarters, sweetheart about this?"

I looked at them both as I said with tears filling my eyes once more, "I take it that they had not told you everything going on of late, then, Dad. I cannot say that I am at all shocked right now because of the attack over at the New Orleans office and a couple of other things. I will try to talk to them again but you of all should know that they are not known for listening."

Our father looked at me as he said in a whisper to me, "Annabeth Lily Tracy, thank you for reminding me about that and yes, I do know that sometimes they both just will not listen to a single word that anyone says to them. Me and Daniel have to go now, you two. Bye for now."

With that the video chat with Daniel and our father was over and both me and Eric shared a look of hope as he said to me with a laugh, "I think that I better being getting ready to start working with Mandy, loveable twin sister of mine."

I looked at the time as I said to him in return, "And I need to get ready to work with Katrina Jane Riveria and the rest of her team, loveable twin brother of mine. Stay safe, please, Eric."

I watched as my twin brother, Eric Seth Tracy, took a very deep breath as he says to me in return, "You too, Annabeth and try not to fall asleep at work today."

I laugh as I told him, "I do not make promises that I cannot keep, Eric and you of all people should know that." As soon as I say that, I watched as Eric simply nodded his head in understanding to my words as he tried not to cry once again and then the video call ended.

I, Annabeth Lily Tracy, very slowly got dressed for work and put my long red-orange hair up in a high ponytail as I thought of how to tell both Director of NCIS Richard Jared Lightwood and my team leader, Katrina Jane Riveria, about my nightmares/visions that I have been having of late once again. Fifteen minutes later, my cellphone started to ring, and I had to run over to answer it and I was shocked to see my little brother's name and cellphone number on the screen. I took a very deep breath before I say with as normal as a voice I was able to without alert him to the fact I have not been getting much sleep of late by saying, "Hello, little brother. Why are you calling me right now?"

Immediately Alexander Frank Tracy was saying in return to me, "Hey, Annabeth. What is the matter with you right now?"

I immediately answered his question as I tried not to start crying once again, "I am sorry about that, Alexander. I just have been having trouble getting any sleep of late because of nightmares/visions, little brother."

Then was when I heard Alexander start crying as he said to me, "I thought that I was the only one. Annabeth, I have also been not getting any sleep of late."

I looked at the time before saying to Alexander, "Little brother, I will see you later today and we can continue talking about this then, all right? I am late for work already."

That got Alexander to start laughing as he said to me in agreement to my words by saying to me, "Bye then, Annabeth. Wait, did you just say that you are coming home to Tracy Island for Spring Break? Are you also getting picked up by Lady Jane and Kevin then?"

I very quickly said to Alexander as I putted on my jacket and grabbed my keys, "Yeah, I am coming home to Tracy Island, little brother and I am being picked up by Lady Jane and Kevin as well. Do you have to get ready for class, by the way, little brother?"

I heard Alexander curse to himself as he says to me, "Thanks for reminding me about that, Annabeth. I will tell Jack about this for you by the way. Bye for now and I love you, older sister."

Before I could say anything to my little brother, he had rung up his cellphone to get going to class with Jack and I ran out of my apartment after packing three bags all of my things and telling my landlady where I was going to be for the next two and a half weeks and she said with to me with a smile on her face, "Miss. Tracy, I am so glad that you told me this. You look like you have not slept well for the past five years, by the way."

I smiled at her as I told her about my nightmares/visions and she immediately said to me in a whisper, "I had a very funny feeling that was the case, Miss. Tracy. See you in two and a half weeks and tell the other Tracys."

Three hours later at NCIS Headquarters, I looked up from my computer at my boss, Katrina Jane Riveria, as I say to her, "Boss, can I talk to you about something personal?"

Katrina nodded as she said back to me in return, "Yes, Special Agent Tracy. I will meet you in MTAC where you can also talk with Director Richard Jared Lightwood in five minutes, Annabeth."

I immediately stood up and followed Katrina to MTAC where Director Richard Jared Lightwood looked at me as he said with a shocked look on his face, "Good morning, Special Agents Riveria and Tracy. What are you two doing in here?"

I smiled a small smile as I answered his question, "My dad wanted me to talk to you both about my nightmares/visions, Director."

Both Richard and Katrina shared a look of shock as they both said to me, "Annabeth Lily Tracy, is that why you have been quiet for most of the day today?"

I nodded my head yes as I said to them both, "Yes and I am not the only Tracy who has been having nightmares/visions, guys."

Richard Jared Lightwood asked me with a shocked look on his face the following question, "Is it Alexander Frank Tracy, Special Agent Tracy?"

That was when I looked at Richard with a look of shock on my face as I answered his question, "Yes, Director. Who told you about that?"

Katrina immediately said for him, "His eldest son, Taylor Jackson Lightwood told him because he was worried about him."

I turned a very bright color of red which got Richard to smile his usual smile as he said to me with a laugh in the form of a question, "You love my eldest son, do you, Annabeth?"

I ended up saying to him in a whisper after I had taken a very deep breath, "You just had to ask that question, did you, Director? Yes, I love Taylor Jackson Lightwood, Richard. I am just shocked that he would be worried about my little brother."

I watched as both Richard and Katrina shared a look of surprise before Katrina said to me, "You do know that Lady Jane and Kevin are going to be here in one hour. Do you want to wait in the lobby or in Daniel's lab, Annabeth?"

I looked at Katrina as I said to her as I got up, "I will wait in the lobby. I just need to grab my bags from behind my desk and my jacket on my way to the elevator, Katrina. See you two in two and a half weeks, hopefully." Both Katrina and Richard give me a huge hug as their goodbye and then I left MTAC and grabbed my things on my way over to the elevator.

An hour later at NCIS Headquarters, Lady Jane entered the lobby to find me waiting for her and she said to me as she had Kevin help me with my things, "Annabeth Lily Tracy, you look like hell, buddy. Have not been able to get any sleep of late, I take it?"

I looked at Lady Jane as I said in a sad voice in return, "Yeah, I have not been able to get any sleep of late, Lady Jane. I am not the only one, by the way. Alexander Frank Tracy is also in the same boat as me right now."

I watched as Lady Jane nodded as she and I walked over to her light pink car before I passed out and Kevin had to get into the car while Lady Jane called my father who immediately said to me, "Annabeth, are you all right, sweetheart?"

I tried to speak but I could not, and my father said to Lady Jane the following words, "Jane, please keep your eyes on her. She might wake up when you and Kevin pick up Alexander and Jack from Wharton Academy. Myself and the others will pick up Cassandra and Maya on our way back to Tracy Island, all right?"

I listened as Lady Jane said in return to my father, "Jason Richard Tracy, before Annabeth passed out, she mentioned that Alexander has also been not able to get a lot of sleep and I think the Director of NCIS wants me to pick up his eldest son, Mr. Tracy."

That was when my father said to me, "Annabeth Lily Tracy, when was the last time that you spoke to your little brother, sweetheart?" I weakly said to him, "After you and Daniel ended the video call, father. He almost forgot to go to his classes today, by the way." Immediately my father said to Daniel, "Call your little brother, Alexander Frank Tracy so that I can speak to him, please."

Forty-five minutes later at Wharton Academy, I, Annabeth Lily Tracy, was wide awake and I followed Lady Jane inside of the school to get my little brother, Jack and Taylor Jackson Lightwood. The headmaster had looked at the both of us in shock until we introduced ourselves to him and he immediately said the following words to us, "Please follow me. I am pretty sure that they are watching the latest rescue mission of the Thunderowls with the rest of the students."

As soon as we reached the room, I heard Alexander Frank Tracy said back to someone who had just called him a name, "Diaper Boy." The headmaster looked at me and said with a puzzled look on his face, "Are you sure that Alexander Tracy is your little brother?"

I immediately answered by yelling into the room, "Alexander Frank Tracy, be nice," and watched as both Jack and Alexander's eyes grew wide and they both immediately screamed, "Annabeth! Yes!"

Taylor Jackson Lightwood ran over to Lady Jane and me as he was already to leave Wharton Academy just as much as my little brother and Jack who immediately noticed that I was tired.

I said to Alexander in a whisper as we walked toward Lady Jane's car, "I had passed out earlier today and scared our father, Alexander."

Alexander looked at me in shock as he whispered back to me in the form of a question, "Really, Annabeth?" Jack Sen McKnight looked at me as he said to me, "Alexander had also passed out earlier today, Annabeth. Is there anything that you two are hiding from us?"

Both me and Alexander did not answer and both Jack and Taylor immediately catch them as they passed out once again before yelling at Lady Jane and Kevin, "It happened again, guys!"

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