It's been two weeks
And it's not enough time
Thought I was getting over
Not getting to call you mine
But here comes this familiar feeling
It's persistent but it's also fleeting
I'm fine one minute
Breaking down the next
Wondering if my heart'll ever get
Some needed rest
Because I love you but I didn't want to
Felt myself falling when I didn't mean to
Hit the ground hard, alone, without you
And I'm the only one here to pick me up
Feeling abandoned
Feeling abandoned
Everything seemed like it was going fine
You said we had to talk and I wanted to hide
But then you left me hanging, never said a thing
It's like you don't understand the concept of talking
I was scared but I wasn't entirely sure if you were walking
Out on me
It was hard to be mad when I was also worried
I didn't hear from you for a week
Wanted to talk but I couldn't speak
This has happened before
For months I've been ignored
But I thought you were better
Wouldn't let my thoughts fester
I was
Feeling abandoned
At first I'd snatch my hand away
But I couldn't keep my feelings at bay and soon my hand was in yours
Instead of starting to rain, it began to pour
And all at once you had snatched my heart
I was dreaming of things I'd never dreamt of
And I could see some sort of future with you
It was terrifying and so incredibly new
Yes I've loved before, but never like it was with you
I'd hoped you felt the same way
You were my golden ray of light
Shining in on my dim life
Until you closed the shutters
Left me in the gutter
I guess that maybe it's for the best
But I can't help it
Feeling abandoned
And I miss your warm embrace
That goofy grin you used to wear on your face
I miss waking up with you next to me
I miss everything that we used to be
Even though we weren't really anything
I guess that this is fair
I had promised not to care
But look what happened
I lost the map and
Now I'm lost looking for who I used to be
Wondering how I used to call myself happy
I miss your rules and your commands
But mostly I just miss your presence
I should've kept my pace more steady
Maybe then you'd still be walking beside me
Instead of so far behind me
And I know I don't have to be alone
It's not like I don't have friends or a home
Or other people who want me but
This feeling's rooted deep in my gut
To dig it out I'd have to tear myself apart
Like you did to my heart
And I'm
Feeling abandoned
Feeling so abandoned
I know that you're just trying to do
What's best for you
But I wish it was what was best for me too
Cause I feel like I need you
But I know that I don't, I can be independent
I'm not Louis lane and you're not my Clark Kent
You're not Superman
And I'm not a damsel in distress
It's just hard to be okay when everything's such a mess
I just wish you would comfort me
Cause comfort's what I need
I want a leader
I want a Peter- pan
Take me to neverland
Where we don't ever have to grow up
We can play and never have to stop
I just want your hand to hold
Someone to shelter me when it grows cold
And I stumble a lot, I trip and fall
Without you I'm left to crawl
Because I don't
Know how
To stand up
To stand on my own
I should but I just don't
And I'm
Feeling abandoned